David and Sue Talk About Holiday Mishaps with Listeners

Monday, December 18th

We thought that a Christmas tree falling over was bad... or accidentally burning your dinner... you won't believe what THESE listeners have been through!! Listen to their holiday mishaps


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Everybody thinks they've got the worst Christmas story every just got to talk to a few people find that there is much much worse. Things that can happen on Christmas Day or leading up to Christmas Day at. Yeah it's crazy and all the people are calling happen delivered for him and how we got a lot of. Apps were you had to burnt pot rubber burned American. I've earmark pork browns Yasser I didn't realize is over cuts until I tried to bite into it yet that's either positively charming compared to the lost hamster Emily who Jenkins said that they were caring for him stare. And I think it lost in the house selling they cared for the hamster somebody's Christmas present they were just watching it was gonna be given to her like niece and Christmas the next morning they get home on Christmas Eve in the hamster is gonna hot indicate they did tie it later we had Meredith and in Framingham who they were out of work done on the house. Picture this right here we haven't worked on your house. And you're still gonna host Christmas is. But somehow the contractor is broken main so we're lying going in or out of the house on Christmas Eve day I think she said and all gas and there was no water power no no toilet flushing nothing there to move the presence of the tree like dinner audience could stay in the house now. And then I'm I I'm knocking this does sound like him the last caller we took that she wanted to see username because I think we're details of the story that we're going to be. Complicated for the family don't adapt somehow. You're leading up to Christmas there was. A bunch of kids grandkids nieces nephews and solid and somebody tried dog poop in the house. I'm glad that Al wedding guests are gonna arrive you ask somebody else is cleaning it up and then the yelling starts don't talk to my kids out that way and why don't hit. Tonight your grandmother that way and then all of a fat and feelings get hurt dad things were said that you can't step back from and then it just blows opting you can't we just can't. You can't save it you know here's the thing it's Christmas is a week away in direct it if things are at a at a low level boy they're simmering just below the surface he just say the wrong thing. Anybody except the mind totally set yeah off is this just a lot of anxiety Cutler like I got it straight against the rapper getting this some. They're trying to they're entertaining me trying to get the holiday cards out there and one little thing right. And it. Closed out the action to leave each other just take a breath it's supposed to leave. Hacks don't take yourself so series the thing is we're taking ourselves way too seriously if you don't get the Christmas cards I'll still watch out. To step.