David and Sues Kids Making House Messy

Tuesday, May 22nd


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Hello my kids you know I do we all of our kids right there's no question about that. But this pain but yes definitely optional. Kids regret I have three kids. Sure of whom are back from college. These days and I know. The school year for elementary and high school kids that there's another week or two left gas anyway for the college kids are back there's that change things on the house. You get the same thing right. I think things that my daughter in Iowa cholera by name my youngest daughter Emma is back from college and I get home yesterday. And I think she's home because I pull up my garage doors open all doors are unlocked or locked house this is I am not. I know portable I am not even exaggerating a little every light house is on. There's a toothbrush there there's two plates everywhere that TV is blaring. So I think she's home and yeah flat out. I aaron's everywhere still a day and I'm like hello. Hello hello I looked around Isaak was she abducted like it looks sick she just vaporized. God she's national home she's the beach with her friends she literally walked out the door then Michael upstairs her air conditioner we had window units and hi how are. Glass door wide open. Every light on in her bedroom close all over the floor and it wasn't like she ran out only going to have to run a quick Aaron I don't know she's at the beach for the day of the day with her friends and blocked out is that. It surely looked like somebody I was like what she's hitting video of this I would not have been surprised if the water was still running at every process like that. Full line where is it shower was. I talked her about this later like this where she shouldn't because I just I'm really just because as I often have you know maybe not quite that extreme that's about my kids are good. Don't you get it. You know they don't get it not supposed to leave every single line on certainly the TV on if you nothing and it sounds like a turning in my down I guess I am with the TV on for no reason why it. I got it. They found to have they're not home code and then I get the little energy reports from National Grid that tell me that I use like 38 that more than my neighbors I'm like well no kidding aside true. I I absolutely do like their right to know I mean it's clear. And two that you might have to cut those kids in on the electric bills say this is your portion of that you're gonna have to pay. Not really if you showed them what they have what happened in April and may when they weren't around and what happens to the bill in June and July when they are around. Can I just say that my favorite part of the two of you when you come in your stories is that the pots and pans cooking I'm so impressed that your kid that Kirk. They even take up and out and do it but I think there and I are always David you tell me it is this. There's no exaggeration again here like this morning come downstairs at 3:30 in the morning. There's two panda looks like Jamie Mac and cheese and chicken fingers exists between. Like 10 o'clock last night imaging that idea guy because he's gonna let her dad and Michael kitchen gets solved your generally try to pick up our act together I condemn abortion. There's a now shows and that as a competition app. Usually have like there's not just with the cheese stacked high and insults just got a little ball after. It's not some when you have yes it's great to have a home or love about the it's so if you're a similar situation with kids coming home and a homeowner relief from from college or high schools you know those aged kids. What what's the weirdest thing you've ever watched him on what sticks in your memory. That's something that you kind of walked in on and said what. They yeah I call over.