David Falls Into His Pool

Thursday, May 24th


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I. Yeah that's fundamentally yesterday half nothing that happens today can bother me because this is through. When I fell into my own swimming pools yesterday with my phone in my pocket. Which are just in this holiness and I got out and it was like an Olympic. Move on and I went from standing on the side of the pool losing my balance completely falling in phone in my pocket to like chump. Really really quick in quickly and take your phone out of my pocket trying to hold it above my head chief or keep it from. I can't believe it still works this morning. At that every minute that goes by that it continues to work or go make it'll be okay if I had it rice within fifteen minutes but it was a glorious thing to behold. Well let me tell you something I would pay huge money. If I could see. On video like a slow Mo re creation abuse sort of did you kind of like you were trying to catch yourself in nearly teetering on the side yeah. You know I think that yeah I agree that day and then flopped it was this it was the shallow into the tool what's the picture the sub swimming pool we open it up we have had had a lot of UC has been called. I'm on the side of the pool with one of those long poles with the net. And I'm Charlie you're just innings or and it leaves on his knees at the bottom of them I have the short one and I'm leaning over. But on the side and suddenly I just use my balance and I start to pin and I let go of the net and yeah flail totally totally totally. Oh. Hello splash right. I get out so fast and it's funny thing going and I I I had my phone in my pocket and the first thing I thought. And then I was like looking around to see opinion my neighbors to he just gonna say that's the second annual Ali stick yeah things besides is there anyone laughing yeah. But the phone was fully submerged that completely submerged up more than a couple of shackle against kind of standing now. In the shallow part of the pools all of waist deep in water. Pocket he ran out cried out. Then it's and it's still that was wearing headphones at the time. It was still working through the hole through all of this OC had fun in your falling you're listening to music or some anger it yet low and wow. To green and she is on an all ultimate. Plus they got their wish skirmish. Is wish I was there to see that I would have to see this candy I have hit this app. Not how are you okay now. You had. And now I'm wrong it's just how they're the tea be it if we have visual entertainment actor it was totally clown car loan my god incidents and so I love that. I mean I'm black no I am truly glad your phone's working because that's horrifying we are thought to it where yeah well no I get. Did the thing we put it rice try to well let Canada try took the cover off got to write it in rice for a couple hours and you know but every position every minute it continues to work and might well optional minute my phone's gonna work but I knew it someplace that's gonna. No I don't know I think we're gonna die it would it would be it begun by now I think your gut and yet you have got out yeah. Very very quick reflexes sister earlier and it's just karma yeah it's at all come on nothing bad can happen to me Nolan iPhone keeps work this is. Didn't we do an iced tea and honey do you think you're just gets better find your groove with our variety of flavors and for a limited time. Ninety any size ice Steve or just a dollar 49 I think.