David Has A Stink Bug On Him

Wednesday, May 16th


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Lucky to be alive. That's how good. And 40 dear god. And you are so dramatic let's continue it was a tiny little stink I'm here for the next month hail a little more fun Helio more file handle this what it's called according to post world dot com I've done some research. Stink bugs they weren't paying until like fifteen years ago now in some detail information as somebody brought in to this country and they've taken over the northeast. And one apparently crawled out of my shirt caught up warning onto my neck it was close to your chin I mean what would have done if it's very crawling up your. Your faith lake. It was well because it was it was on my neck under my chin and I sort of felt something you should itch at them as we have Harrison a well liked best. And although I must have liked. Flung it and Arlen to the paper that was in front of me and I had you show me she. We weren't on the air I think we're having like a seizure or something I know what we're going not I was like what's Ron. And you just jumped back in your head phones went flying as a what's going on and I saw them in a tiny puck. I I. It felt good omen burn these clothes. There's a twelve hour shower I think I'm pretty sure I brought it brought from home this burn brightly and lovely as she stink bugs and the building here I didn't. I don't I don't think so out but our own good it was like and then that must mean it was under your shirt to crawled up your chassis. Your neck and it was there all morning I mean you didn't find it we Benny a couple of hours. So it was literally just making its way there at your act it was gonna go to your face. If I could cut yourself shaving shot as we'll cut you and I could see at a time I was on the other side here knack cat I had moving to I would have definite. Exactly tried to have completely exacerbate this. Peel off of a little bit of a shadow the would. The rhythm Mike is like the microphone in the light stick it kind of looked like a shadow at first and I thought it was just to cut and then. Soon they site jump back I thought. Meeting with the volume in your head on and then I tell you looking on the ground it was like oh yeah I mean let's be reasonable it's a teeny tiny yet but I don't even know they don't why don't really still open they stink. That's dear to see this little Crowley creature on your skin. But you did the humane thing I have to give it she took it in a little nap gaining Bryant outside into the parking lot you let it loose into the wild. Without hurting it at all I. I went tightened this ago torture or some other unsuspecting soul you stink bugs in your house like a national from a week's national yep me everywhere I and they get inside the screen I have no idea how did today really stink when you kill them. Yes was discretion it's like a cockroach not supposed to step on them squish them well just let can they release something and it's I don't know. What they released but it's not good feeling it stays in your house. And is likely lose some things enough Lewiston schools and that word whose desire and whose whose whose head. And.