David Hates Doing His Taxes

Thursday, February 15th


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I cannot believe your husband has your taxes. Done. Done that like many old files. Out yeah. I'll done. I'll say that again your husband has the details. It's like completed finished mailed filed everything that he's mr. efficient I do the bills like month to month I manage the money in the house but he does the taxes every year so she just gets it done he knows it's on his roster so he'd the minute it's January 31 that. Where all these arms are these firms he's after me for every piece of documentation. And then he gets it done in like a week or so this time he just nails it. Sound it's that time of year when everybody is I think I'd by February 1 year supposed to have received. Everything from whoever you worked for whether you get it W nine or 109 iron to 1099 W twos or whatever it is close to being a junior it's about February 1. He should have everything you need to do your taxes idea Ellison seems like. Tom is like check in the mail. Half trivia I don't really hear how he totally disliked by February 1 he's got a folder with everything he needs. And he'd like goes immediately added that's just how we hit list. Yet I don't need to go on a I just IE. Can stick taxes are due April 15 that's when they have to be done. So it's sort of like you get in this is like to be in school again and you get a report that's due on April 15 only you get the assignment back in January and everything you need to do it. And I put it off and I put it off every and a year and we have a guy albums with their taxes. It's very complicated. And. I have all of this just how angry I probably and a. There are playing Ohio is noble and he's he says this is questionnaire in January that we're supposed to fill out with a all the information and if I just did it. He'd be done I don't do that. You know it's weird because you other thing about taxes it's almost like you have this year blocked about it because you're not. It goes against your normal character normally you're on top of things. And this you every year since. Every year you file multiple extensions and you just something like Arnold the guy from Texas till October it's a thing like I. I feel it's almost time to the next. And that's why can't believe that time has is taxes to your tests is just filed Monday in October so so here's the problem so you have it hanging over your head at all year long absolutely. That's that's crazy you're just you're just like. Giving yourself more misery help me Obi wan what are your attitude that like in bungled I like it the week and decide how to scale does that and do it nothing else yup. This weekend's it's a three day weekend here today one of the days it's on an ideologue acting knowing it consequences. At the. Tonight and I just didn't know I do I sit down like I couldn't do nothing and the questionnaire in my own FaceBook does complicate it. I got alike got a picture maybe there's something just yeah I know it's not fun but yeah just. I can't believe you wait so long to remind your self improvement under her comments on her civic and.