David Still Has XMAS Lights Up

Wednesday, March 14th


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I really don't mind the snow I gotta say again I'm not I don't live on Beacon Hill where I got my car under two feet of snow it's gonna stay till march or something like. Do they did get out this weekend they need to tilt tilt to it melts that's one reason an island in the suburbs but it's same on on the suburbs and additional lord of the driveway cleared yesterday I I didn't realize at the end of our shoveling and we went out. Really like 4 o'clock in the afternoon the hole the neighbors everybody's at the same time it happens in my in my name it Syria. I realize that my Christmas lights are still on the house so I turned them on. Still looks really good they looked awesome especially with the snow. And we have like the white. Icicle icicle and gas and OK it's not that the colorful Christmas lights now now otherwise there's sort of holiday festive my that's my question. A festive holiday lights or something like that. But they looked great I must say however I have a neighbor or friend of ours who is awesome and everywhere except one. And that is if you leave any holiday a declaration of anything whether it's a banner pumpkin on the front steps anything up past. Whenever you use of air time. So what if atrocious Chris so I shall give us thirty days. The sound like she's talking on issues but if the pomp and stays out like more than two weeks past Halloween or the Easter banners stays out more than on and also he's just he's right on us to go to Q and it was full weeks ago when you don't have access we have neighbors like that they keep everything is on trend among the key to Christmas lights on here have maybe ten giant time like. Just take it. Homer they're up on why I'm gonna get him down and looked at June maybe a little out of possibly taken down them on how we gonna get down now I know that he really is no doubt we've had so many storms that even if you would want to even in January we got killed with snow the darling would you have time to go out and get a little. No no no I'm not eating at Christmas I thought and it's going to be fourth of July at 8 o'clock. That's and my god and consult his stuff. But I might just do it.