David Sue Kendra Have Weird Food

Friday, May 25th


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We are living in me enough. This morning we're embodying that mean that we've all seen on the Internet on her on FaceBook about how like I said supposed to be saving money by bringing your lunch to work attack. That you eat your lunch with a fifteen minutes of getting to work an and you don't have anything it's. It's and then if your costs and none of us have gone grocery shopping all week you have the most ridiculous array of random food that we are brought in today right. It's like we should start a hash tag lunch failed us as. BI now the least we are pathetic. Talk what we have to tell everybody. And we usually do the checking and down day like what did you bring for would you bring to it won't bring her roots were in here together all morning long yeah. Have fun fun powers and that you may chicken harmless they got left overs and you brought this moment. This morning it's my now a little yard sale of scraps. From the refrigerator right. Tennis was the funniest ever had like this. The remains of a little tub of Thomas it was a little Bahamas and like half a cucumber out with yeah did you even have time to appeal or cut the cucumber is a big cucumber. And it. Tub of hot stuff can bring a knife to cut in that become iron into the plastic is plastic knife. It's not gonna go well and that I had like I have this little balanced break thing with nuts and she has urged by the way you're under selling that's like a little vending machines snack shack Findlay Jesus yeah. It's time now it's what you pack connect. Little kids lunch or second it looked like airplane that looks like airplane from that something happened on the plane and here I don't hear it I don't actually I now I don't put my house. I just grabbed anything and expect that you know it it's pathetic yeah. And a couple pieces of fruit. And I and I thought I do work. Not like two eggs that I think are still raw not wrong in the shot though I'm I'm you say your pixel open them up and everything else and heard explanation of the legs how sad is that. To boiled eggs. It doesn't mean it's better than the gas I don't eat when your late 85 years old good alone in the heart. Of I've got some oil millionaires and it would get and also so there's no confidence is the assault there's no pepper you've got don't know flat whereas you know not all I could you know. And so we're gonna do that thing where we forage around the building before people get here late Enron to look for her. Ketchup packets and oh it was so funny and put the picture because it just looks so sad our group of food you can kinda. It was funny because I thought I would be the only one that had just like scraps that are brought from home and and you guys are not to exit at like no hole Q Bert. Stuck it through with no when you start to work with no food I mean it's happened everybody yeah happens did you leave later you'd you know you know like with the weirdest thing people press have bright -- last minute for food but with the weirdest. To I think you grab Audi a fridge yeah.