The David VS Sue Bill Belichick Bet

Thursday, February 1st


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Because you disrespect me and insults me I and if you're ten dollar. And really you can think I can do even the ten dollar insult of the doubt about whether or not like and not just make it through drive February sober February that I mean thing to drink. You don't think document to switch to sit in salt like without having an attic not. Not a disrespect or an insult it's pretty hard when I mean what do people do at the Super Bowl they eat and they drain and here's what we're gonna feel it's gonna be higher just announced soon was also Suze says doing dry Fabrice is doing folk sober February but she's you it's like light within ten finger across this totally different about it. Because what's who's doing. Well I'll if I'll do sober February with you. Except I'll still drink on the weekend that's right so it's February 1 this is gonna be sober today no no alcohol today right then. Tomorrow. We LS that I. I'd probably Saturday night only Super Bowl here we come and Super Bowl brown and non inherited Baghdad for four and a half days to the next weekend and 28 days in February was shot to. Here's what we're under. Because you said you didn't again make it through the month you'd have to get me through the weekend you bet me the measly ten dollars. I think your part of the debt is going to be if if yeah you get you get to only drink. When Bill Belichick smiles. If they. Low cut away also check out I lived now on the sidelines that's we tried to think of some. So algorithms something that you could drink when this happens when they mentioned Tom Brady's age which they will. When the what she'll do Zell Miller luxury box which they will you get to take a little drink protester we think he should know they gonna do that. Listen and. You're not letting me speak now. Play I ain't it. I this is what you learn about something that you do like fiscal links is really angered know this February saying that we're doing. One thing you learn when you set a goal like this is it needs to be attainable. So instead of trying to like rake it like knowing that I'd probably break it on Super Bowl Sunday whatever. I'm easing into this I'm giving myself a puddle of free half days baby did so that Michael's attainable. But I'm still gonna make a sacrifice I generally have a glass to wind like on making dinner so I'm gonna still golf all week on Sunday to Friday. The only Sunday am drinking is Super Bowl Sunday it's a short cut it. Well it's attainable in my life and you guys are being unfair because Bill Belichick never smiles you know they never easy money on the sideline to make good play he does arms up in the air jumped. I thought it. We can do you can you can take a sip of a cocktail you can have a sip of a way of doing line. If Bill Belichick smiles on the sidelines. And if that doesn't happen during the game you may resume. Your. We weren't they hold the trophy up over their heads at the end of the game than than the bets off for the week and then you can continue after the game. All right well how about the communities it is my cash came. Did you know I'll do it yes denial is not he doesn't to a full on smile does he have to showed teeth because he doesn't connect any smirk. Is it just like he looks kinda happy kindred I'll go with that. Yeah accuses smack is a smile any kind of like to have to you know he's happy inside than yeah a lot to get it out of his you never received opt. You know you don't see is teeth you don't ceiling will be some texting between the three I station that the judges concurred that it I mean I'm I'm not a Smart thing. Good good I'm fifty. Well I think she was my won't be a lot but he well so you're able to get the good barrel right. So when a smirk counts doesn't have to be like a toothy grin and a group yeah.