Davids Cats VS Kendras Dog

Thursday, April 12th


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If this is competition and turner imagined what the trophy would look like what a surprise look like for the winner of the my pet has the most disgusting habits competition. It would be discussing what can she would be the most trophies that it would have not just what a plastic like fake poop thing on top of hitting because you know out of it pat. Gross and the fact that. Was approved but it was. And I'm sorry by the way for those of putting me in the father of English well I yeah sorry about reckless and it was it was yesterday morning like I wish I woke up before the alarm and I could hear something yeah that they were you gently slowly gradually come obviously. And you know it's mainly you know weeks and it did not supposed to be rated. This year. One of the cats we just were trying to throw line now I fat cats gonna ask you that's out. I'm out of a sound sleep yeah I asked is it clean up I grew up after I don't know when now but I now I know the sound of the fur ball in the throw it doesn't sound of battle the squealing a loving ordering they're not sick. What they do is they hear there's food if they suddenly remember this food you rundown. And they're each absolutely everything The Beatles fast as they can complex and it's 22 event like its 1520 minutes there'd that. Dancer that's that would deny entry into the disgusting habit qualified for my pet. Q you've got to throw up I have the licking my died at the Boston Terrier and she's been licking the couch so. She'll sit on the couch it should be licking her leg are pod then is is giant wet spot everywhere acts and others just these patches of wet spots in my. All right guys that amount to try to figure out what is I was just gonna slug US young kids are now looking at the wet spot I'd like salad anything could be any from any part of any body covered about what could it could be an accident it could be a Philip could adopt single now we do this fund things around the house mean Stephen Reid just nothing so that this is now we put reporting our faces in every hole lot that we see anywhere. Because we have to smell it we don't know at this point it's too. And it must be kind of a relief when it turns out to be the doha I go to the one of the kid it is when it's when you can kind of not really smell it but you know it's better than being something else. This is probably why should get a pet I keep saying I wanna get a dime. And this is now making me sort of reexamine the act like I don't know if I wanna deal with that. Clue what I really like how cute they are they are cute. Yes we do this do you have that stirred up Bill Belichick just getting it done at Belichick's gonna do first and he comes downstairs in front of wet spot on the couch. He has had people for that yet. Hill had people deal with that I don't think he's gonna he's face in the wet spot like we thought it.