Davids Garden Woes

Tuesday, August 21st


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Used to beat him on NB that I had among my neighbors your status. Yellen the grass is always greener and somebody else's. The grass. Literally is greener on the other side effects are looking into this kind content outline I now look at you know sprinkler system but it looks like putting greens beautiful we have in the an ever like that in here from off perfect to post story was with a guy or the woman whoever was when they always out there doing so intuitive that always retired or third. You not to I think he works like another town full time job but his grass was like flash and thank you just always. That color green you get only electric Crayola crayon like a fake green it just doesn't litre. I know I'm. I'll live to be under that'll never happen but now it's not just one and B it's it's it's garden in Vienna brings onto that. That's not often but it and I need help I think I got to do something here. This small how modest guy got two little beds breezed. Vegetable beds we've done the last couple years. If you do god it's pretty cool you get like free unless you when I have when I have a house again and again you're not homeless anymore. But we go to me you know summer squash great. The birds like these old you know he thought maybe pays for itself supports its intense love having let us see. You come on you don't like to come as the centers cucumbers yeah. But but we've grown those in the past string beans this year that thing assess. The tomatoes are looking great I have talked to him that actually has some good luck for us some musical looks and not with some teammates this year they're coming in grade. Something's eating the tomatoes. There's a lot of purple and then green and just as they start to get red. I don't know if it's rabid sports shipments going deer were out for Amy Hanson is deer running around and I tried everything. Do you have any like wire late. Around the top since we tried that we put that we put a plastic. It's it was a wire but it was like if it's a four foot thing all the way around. That's the thing national type to keep presumably the deer out I. Think if you do there's some kind of like a wire that you can sort of put around which isn't as easy for them to electrified perhaps for. Makes me but I think barely there humane wires you can buy even that like any click The Home Depot stories but. My father in law hangs bars of Irish spring so. All around like some of the bushes and trees he's a huge greenhouse garden in his backyard that you just soberly dear don't like the smell of the Irish spring bar so the green felt and I would assume. I said the animals don't like to set the scent of it at. But Tyler could do that and Irish spring this from what handle it now admittedly that's what I like a true. Really but he he has the little Irish spring bar so they just hangs with the strength. Felt like inside the trees I will give him where I've tried moth balls which are her keep pass away do work I've tried this. This stuff about the hardware store which was who's gonna grow throughout foxy yearn and finally got our heads for clay yeah the peace for yet sprayed at all rat and by the enough on job. But I'm mad I'm hectic at either. So I'm willing to try anything Irish spring sells China Irish spring myself kinda given a couple of some great ideas it's making me crazy I've worked very hard on this they're good garden this vegetable garden in the yard. And you critters are terror part now of chef turned it isn't. And that of the humans to them I guess the squirrels the chip monks the Radisson I would I don't know what the animals are there eating only vegetables but I. I know it's turned me into. Who's the guy from Peter Rabbit mr. McCarthy turned into mr. McGregor and Jane I don't feel so bad for him anymore DO. Though. That's when a 6 point 7 Pacific and find post this past payment because it's. How about plant incredible man. You know we have a mile and even months. Doesn't seem to be out. You know and mentally got to watch me contagion spreads he had everywhere it does spread. Yet cannot attract and took to be dressed and outside. Also said keep the animals out of there he's a good little chicks and you remember all of them were recalled from. He's got some animals and Quincy Wright. Minimum crews pulled it a great day thank you here. But magic morning. Yes good morning tried calling Sharon for you nurseries. And Aaron. They will steer you to a product it's a ridge away actual life. Wouldn't scare away the animals. You only look at race team or something. As I type not a way to do it justice for for a book called king live like that certain frequency. That does scare away the animal in a big drive and it seems to be back. You've got to know my neighbors my knowledge about what do I care better than my parents have been the thought of failure and ITF because I think for the two appreciate it out by. Science keeping church and hey that's a good idea though a lightly pastoral letter something like that it's not a smelling thing and it's not a food thing it's something. So little bit scary do you put in some kind of lighting don't you know what it's gonna do the animals. Well I don't know what do you want viewing your vegetables did you cookie pinnacle a lot of these Jurassic Park started with a flashing red light so. We have good yeah it's funny isn't and it's squirrels and they'll take you just need to read my.