Davids Gym Fiasco

Thursday, February 22nd


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It's special you have to find a new place to work out okay go back to my gym ever again what you do oh. I went into different first of all when at a different time than I normally do you have people go to the gym. And you go to the gym near you clear plan for Christiane I am I split between fun and fitness and the wise is why I like to support the ones in the community ever today and Kendra you you've got like that thing going home I recently saw prevention of yeah we're trying announced I'm Jim Jim thanks a file on time well I had that I went the other evening. And usually they're during the day if it was a whole new population people accord these people ask why are they on my machines you know why he's doing stuff that I wanted to know you get. Used to the regulars right yet and yet there's this comfort level of like I had you know all these familiar faces around you but. Like I'm never going to the free weight area because I'm totally intimidated those are all like the real you know we. That's up Maria are currently just this minute there I know I know an even golfer that's. New area away I. If you go to Jimmy go to the Y there's the machines which I've done for years but the free weights which is the dumb bells and they in the weight bench is an Iraq and all that stuff. That's my new area where because fuses to from muscles and in China. Doesn't matter where I'm trying to. I feel like that's just not. I have not elevated to that level like I'm Justin I'm not like on the treadmill or the elliptical I stuck my talent out there let me tell you how everything went so I only -- of a new person that the wind homework on the floor lines great she'd do. She brings me over to their. Free weight area and walks me through the whole thing and she's fantastic she's incredible shape I've no idea when endurance and she tells me. How to do to your bench presses and await an engine add on you actually go like this with a favorable first we try with no way summit at all just the bond preaches. Our fight now. Many of r.s 45 pound stock plus years I would need to lift the bar none Blair among everybody else in the win in the free weight area and they're all. Pretty super developed. You know weight lifter is an American parks and escalating on an anti government nothing on a light on is there really good I'm great Oregon. So I feel like I'm OK so so I go the other night in the gym I go into the free weight area on my don't know train enough and I'm kind of walked around like you know they don't. And I go on and I go to to do that the weakest thing and I put my little ten pound wish he decided it. And there are these little and I do my thing into my my raps. And there are these little clips that you put on on the on the end of the bar that hold the collars and hold the weights on right. Simonyi next to me yet next to me there's another guy who was clearly has been spending a lot of time in the gym and he's loading up his. Law he's got these 45 pound play slice on his life exactly exactly exactly. So I take that little clip called things off she he doesn't have and I don't offer until I. Canseco to. Do you want these. Because you have a day you want these collar things on the and videos. Can start laughing at you even start the use Cooley goes yeah it in men and I'm gonna go to some more way to come on here for her. Does synthetic I had two or three of these 45 pound pound things on there and had more to put on Benny was gonna take my old college and I saw. I don't think I can go back and just yet buddy aimal sat yeah yeah yeah thanks for about things a little enough. What's the enjoy your work on your regulated lines everywhere minutes away from the almost impossible questions coming right up to see this guy. And a surprise. It's natural when a six point stuff.