Davids Wife At The Movies Alone

Tuesday, February 27th


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Look you're discounting and your fingers how many days will be ostracized for best car and like six days at C seven movies coming out and you can be aware of coming and now I don't. I don't you know these are you really holding out hope that you guys it's one reason time magic on six when some were students who can do to. You are you holding out hope that you can see. These Oscar movies well and I'm single best picture nominee my one reason is that I've given up all hope. I long enough to get the feet seven movies and six days a much happier life that way I feel pretty like I don't have the pressure like all of that has now been lifted and I'm like happy like just that and I think so love that it means a lot to you to see as many of those movies as you can we'll tell you why because in our house my wife is a big movie person I try to tag along. But she loves to see as many of the Oscar nominated I know it's. Oscar nominated movies is she cancer has a big contest Kodak and the contest. She's just too competitive. Let it okay. She went to the movies on Sunday wouldn't. Oh and Isaiah and now I think I would hope and you know work out or should censor and go alone so she went to the movies alone Sunday she went to the movies after work yesterday alone. I'm healthy I give her credit for that. Because when you go to the movies on you don't have to worry that you can find to be whose free when you're afraid that they want to see the same movie that you wanna see. That they're gonna talk after the movie concert popcorn in your year it's. She said it was awesome she said it was just like being in in my liberal but that's not even the best part to me. The best part was she when it like 545 in the afternoon yesterday issuance. The newspaper one the post the post sounds in the post. She went alone. That is to say there was no one else in the entire theater should there all by herself half off fetish that President Bush is offered to. It was like being on the couch that is do you think that's totally weird it's weird it's gonna fall camp noise in my. Can't you can't. Stretch out a little bit now I think that's I would love that I thought it was very different but I'm actually a little talent somewhere around that. Penetrating ice. It's and it can actually give a try and get some industry in the next couple days just got to pick the right movie to get there and I can promise should be in the theater alone but you certainly have an area you know we're known as father and I'm just gonna say this cap is my new I don't. I don't mind for a long time guys that.