Deborah Norville - Reporter, Author, Lecturer

Thursday, December 21st

Sue Tabb interviews Deborah Norville, the former co-host of NBC’s The Today Show, a best-selling author and lecturer, Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Famer, and since 1995 she’s been the host of Inside Edition, the country’s top-rated syndicated newsmagazine show. Now she’s the host and executive producer of the new Reelz series Exposed with Deborah Norville


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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women on magic when a six point 79 seeds have been on today's show he dairy special guest most of us know her as the popular anchor of inside edition. But she's also a best selling author and Contra renewal where we are excited to have Deborah Norville with us this morning the two time Emmy winner we'll chat about her career in about a new television projects she's working on. Good morning Deborah. I'm so good to know what I am really excited to talk to you because I have so many colleagues who have interviewed view. And I always hear them gush about how gracious and forthcoming you are so it's finally my turn. Think it's exciting to be on Q yes well many of us know you of course from watching you anchor inside edition need to stay the program for over twenty years. The show has stood the test of time in a very well I did changing industry. What thinks that is in mighty states along. Well I think I stayed because. Make it to a small good place for me to be. Every night I would be home I would be able to. Make dinner and kept the homework and a lot of sort of stuff that was really why I came to inside edition I was expecting my second child with CBS news and a correspondent. And I am actually turned down a weekend anchor job. Because it was going to be on the road to rescue the weakening to have to think I could do that it's kind of like a mom I want it to be so I made. Pretty significant career. GAAP on form my family and that's why I stayed here with for my family now my kids are all in college are out so I can't use my family is. Now I just like it. You know I'd I'd like to people I work with I liked. That the type of material the variety of it and at this point inside edition is an iconic show. He we've been on the you're almost thirty years. Even count on one hand with some think are missing the number of chances syndication that's lasted that long. And so we've got this great brand equity with our audience and calm and there's real value in an excellent I'm delighted that my bosses here at inside edition wanna. When I keep playing with me because I'm really about what I do. Yeah well and in the ratings are awesome and have been since he joined that show so that's a testament to to what you bring to the table. Question is have did you always know you wanted to do this site I read somewhere that you. That you I think did you first interview when you're eighteen or nineteen or something like that. Yeah I am. Again I pretty much known since I was a senior political that this is what I wanted to do I was in a contest called America's junior miss pageant which was not a beauty contest it was. Eight years I was in that I got to my senior in high school a long time ago yes. Yeah unfortunately it states it's changed so much it doesn't really exist anymore but now that was televised by CBS I wanted to be a lawyer and I saw the people who were working. Behind the scenes working like arts and what they didn't putt well production look like so much fun I really wanna be a lawyer content like free search site that we do resurgence. And production if you worry. TV reporter so that's how. Kelly kind of gravitated toward television on because. I really believe facts in your friend I love following the paper trail and seeing you know where this story takes you and that's why. I'm I'm loving this initiative that got on the real channel count Wednesday night at nine it's. A single issue a single story that we go theory deeply into and we got an hour of television time you can really get into the new on the last week. We focused on the Bill Cosby scandal I was it's possible that someone as iconic as mr. Cosby could find itself accused by close to sixty women. These terrible sexual assaults. And to what really happened so let's hear from some of these women and let's hear what how did you know Bill Cosby how did you get this situation why didn't you run. Why why did you allow yourself to be in the room alone with a bullet still can't speak he's you know he's mister mister America daddy's the general pop got. Of course she felt comfortable around him. And and that opened these women to the opportunity. To be insulted how he makes sense that this is well we've spoken with some women. Who call themselves survivor a bill Crosby and one of the things that they have done is they have successfully. Lobbied in state of California to have the statute of limitations to limited eliminated. So as of January 1 of this year. If a man or woman. Is raped or sexually assaulted. There is no statute of limitations there is no clock. Perpetrators can run around the clock I never have to account for what they've done so it doesn't do anything for the women and men. Who are previous victims of sexual assault but going forward in this gated California there is always the possibility. That. That the assailant will be held to justice. That's significant for these women is they're taking that except in California and working to try to have it replicated in other states. And then what happened to Bill Cosby. What's gonna happen within a well well now in June when the trial begins. If this one case in Pennsylvania which was just about to expire this statue of limitations. We'll know if if there will be any. Any guilty verdict and it but it will be very interesting trials. This week we're going to be looking at the boy band scandal N'sync and Backstreet Boys made tens of millions of dollars. And two of the most popular group literally the most popular thing in America and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. And yet they had practically nothing to show for how is that possible we're gonna look into this scam that happened with that. You just tuning in you're listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven. I assume tab and this is a special morning because we have the rare opportunity to talk with Emmy award winning journalist and inside edition anchor Deborah Norville she is telling us about her amazing career and a new television projects she's working on called exposed with Deborah Norville. Let's get back to our conversation. These are really powerful story line to your following an as an askew would attracted you to the project but I seek as you said you left thaksin. This is like a really getting behind the story and I feel like you can really dig deep. And in these episodes into like you know what is it you're sitting there with these people that have accused you know. You know I kind of sexual stopped at a I mean this must be you know right in your wheel house in terms of you know what you're good at and and what you like dealing. Well totally an end just you know like this program right now you have the luxury of a lengthy interview show on the radio. Most of your work on the radio I am sure. Is you know the routine running gun you get like a minute past and maybe have a conversation with somebody out so what you get past the hello how are you thank you so much for having me that would fifteen seconds of your inner do you think this is a really great to have the opportunity to speak. In. With you and it's the same thing with that the yen the interview show I mean on the kind speaking last week there was one moment you're talking to people have been assaulted. Say they've been assaulted and says you have to ask the question please tell me what happened and that's one woman who actually. Is is an actor and was a stall our guest star on the Cosby Show. Goes into almost. Peaking stealing camera. Just hear the littlest Angel and she wins is essentially in pain and she took of themselves or and she says. It's not Chia pet remembering it is emotionally art she says your body. Basically. We're called the assault. And so she was. Experience and again I felt awful. It was a powerful moment tell that you wouldn't have had time for eons. In a great people Cilic inside edition's. Right and I feel this show is gonna resonate with every body because. It's sort of Mary's the public's fascination with celebrity news and the whole crimes story seeing a lot of the shows now. You know real crime and all that they're very very popular people there's an appetite for this stuff. Yes yeah I I think you know we live in a time when. You know everything is. You know time is measured by Nan a second and countries like your nano second any skinnier I don't know. Com a message is a 140 characters or less. Most of the penny and pick up the phone to call friendly text them so there's this. This rip activity. An and and fast paced all of our lives. That. It's difficult probably for people to sit for an hour and watch a whole TV show on something. I think it's kind of important for us to detect that we're about what's gonna incorporate. Kind if we don't slow down every now and then there's that from my kids. Yeah I mean I was gonna talk to you about your family in terms you know. That you have really had a career that has banned mean you have youth that are relevant for a very very long time your very well respected. Thank and yet you you've been very present it sounds like to your family what do you hope that your kids take away from Matt. Well it's funny my daughter. It's just about to finish her freshman year college and we were packing era last summer. You know I have one of these emotional moment as were folding teacher took what it's into the double backed. And I military said. It's too late now I think we can't change history yeah it but I have to ask you. Did I screw things up by working the entire time. You've been alive. In clothing to date she was born nine hours after my daughter was born I was on TV viewing inside edition. Dot net is that true are you serious for Baha I work for people and I think we cannot just say and it creepy person works. For them. Yeah they conclude nobody can do the show. They actually asked me to come down to decide Lockett. And to be on camera part of the show I think you kidding me I think let me walk to the bathroom yet I'm pretty sure this side block it out of range. It literally has worked for for maniac. I know how you how you camera ready nine hours after giving birth I don't think I was anarchy. You'd say that came at the hospital that you guys can come with a camera crew. But here's a person comes an hour before anybody with the care Chris. So yeah. Actually it's. I can open and makes speech at the hospitals are and stuff like that I'll think you know you can wanna increase your maternity business. You put a staff here and make up per person on your maternity floor. Because everybody has that obligatory picture of the baby. Every baby looks the same bright I don't care they just all of this in the coming out and the mother looks like five mile of a bad road. The hair makeup person who's gonna make you look pretty for that first picture. I'm the go to that hospital you know exactly expensive wherever you go pick the one that's got the makeup person you know let's. So anyway except my daughter could didn't messed things up working double time. And she looked to me it. Cannot now. She's the model it would have been awful if he'd been around all the tasks. Since his action he said and the side you have a really cool job. I know. I've been a role model to my daughter into her girlfriends. And and now. You know and my boys who were older. Their friends. Look at me as a resource to talk to you know how do you negotiate this. What do by Katie get me about that anybody's interest in the media that can tell company. You know what you think about this global block so it's nice it's it's paid it forward to the next generation. That's right your kids are rowdy and yet I also have a freshman in college is funny a lot of parallels here and it's the same it's like you know I think she's finally starting to see a little bit which used to just think whenever I do what I do I go off and now it's certainly yeah she say she thinks it's cool I do she says my friends think it's cool like. That got me here and a its image. You're just waking up and tuning in you're listening to exceptional in a match when a six point seven am's suit tab and delighted to be chatting with longtime anchor an award winning journalist Deborah north. With the talking about her new show exposed with Deborah Norville on reels Ian about her professional and personal journey let's continue. Two I was gonna say. What I learned about you just recently is that year like a crazy crap year and you have like your own urine collection and everything else is something that you do is how to be a business a passing and it's a business. Yeah I mean you know it's. It's funny Joan Rivers with a good friend of mine again and she would it be it would it would be expression issues whenever. And opportunity of freelance opportunity would come come along in the the question with Ollie to her assistant Joplin is that they get money for letting us be relegated to get them as they get money he would basically like. Walk over your dead child to get. To go into this job and yet it's not they get money but you know it's it's a business and it's also a passion and what I love about my urine business. Is and it's a licensing thing and work with the wonderful company in Carolina called premiere aren't. And you can find the aren't you go to my website click through Laura to Chileans which is deal everywhere everywhere and and what I love about it is first of all to affordable. It's a product that's I think the most expendable apparently Seles maybe 619971990. The other populist stuff that's like you know 399350. Something like that. So it's affordable I have the oriented doesn't. Pill it doesn't make those annoying little ball super soft machine watchable for the public to different kind that you aren't but the best part of it is. When your crafting something like this netting a crushing ain't just the physical act of their repetitive motion. The research shows is that these extractor it's actually a healthy thing for your body and yet question a your needle point that repetitive motion. Has therapeutic effects. And even bigger thing is most of us don't make up for ourselves. We make things to give to others and when you've done that you've given something that's the product of your time in your heart in your hand. You're giving the ultimate gift of love and caring. Good employee you know I never matter. Much to me that I am spending my time doing this for you. And I think if more offense did something along those lines in this world it would not be as stressful and difficult place. That's true. In you know I also know that you write books and you do you do so many things I have to wonder how you sleep but. No no you down and and has been asked did you have an you've you've written books a lot of self help books and a lot and I like that you share a lot of your personal journeys have you how you've overcome. A difficult times and and and sort of empowering other people to do the same. Any books on the horizon for you any new once. Com I need to start writing again it's it's funny I I either right or clean closets in my closets are pretty good shape she's nuts is that start writing. But what I what I'm fascinated by is the power of the mind. Com and in my books oral grounded in positive psychology and and how can we used in Norman that appealed to change your thoughts and change your world. How can we use our thoughts and what is the brain science. Behind some of these things in my book thank you power. Which was publishing an extremely widgets or something like that that that solitary America and in South Korea. The chipset that was when you are in gratitude. You have activated parts of your brain. That enables users to make connections and associations to be smarter than you would otherwise if you were a cranky mindset. That kind of research I find incredibly exciting because. It's a template for how to most effectively live your life. And I deal in facts that's what my career based on apple MacBooks are based on and so I try to share the facts in the way that regular people. Can employ them and in in that waste and like I'd like to take every deploring researching you don't have to. That's trashed it. And then you dress it up forests. I know that we're running at a time Deborah but I want to ask you one more question. Looking backing your career tell us. So far what are you most proud of professionally anyway. I'm being here. Being here I was taught still only here. Or at the Chicago Tribune put its so elegantly left for dead on the side of the road after I left The Today Show. I remember you asked I'll be one. No one thought I would ever be on television again much less. Now be at the longest serving anchor on American TV. So what I am most proud of is the fact that I came here and I think there's a message for everyone. Scuffle happened in your life that you. Didn't deserve that wasn't fair that hurt you terribly. But it doesn't need to defeat youth and if there's a message I would leave your audience with it's that. Going line you can overcome it. I'm proof. Yes. That's awesome thank you so much well we can continue to catch you rhino every weeknight on inside edition. And we also will tune into your new show exposed with Deborah Norville on Wednesday nights on reels. Thank you Deborah so much for spending time with us this morning we hoped to check back in the very very soon. My pleasure it thanks a bunch. Thank you to our special guest Deborah Norville longtime anchor of inside edition and now host of exposed with Deborah Norville and reels. We so enjoyed her insight and wish her continued success in both her personal and professional life. Magical. Exceptional women show has very simple premise we shine the spotlight and women who are making a difference in want to share their story to inspire others. We did you see celebrities and authors and studios we're also interested in talking to painting coworkers. And neighbors were just quietly making a difference. If you know someone like out let us know all of them. Go to magic when a 67 dot com. It's an exceptional women and then join me every Sunday morning. At 730 have a great day everyone.