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Monday, April 16th


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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven I'm seat tab and I am very excited today to be talking with a world class athlete record holder Olympic medalist. Dina Caster is an elite runner who was a staunch believer in the power of mental fitness fueling physical fitness. She is just released a book titled let your mind to run a memoir out thinking my way to victory good morning Dina. It. You know what you're an incredible resume obviously as an elite runner you've actually one marathons in its funny because my colleagues and I were just looking over your stats before this interview. And you've kind of marathon in 219. Which we just don't even know how that's humanly possible to five and a half minute my real. At 55 minutes from nineteen. Mike good net so is running Solana holds when he six miles. Yeah I mean I think I think reading more so than any others. Pork is it go relatable to the general to the general public the people of 45000 people that'll be on the starting line up the Boston Marathon. And that we're bad bad bad. That's a massive can rebate to achieve every one surrounding them because while pushing the limits at all. Trying to find not find that that capability and and struggle and trying that. But that's our way to bad finish line and try to explain your mild so I think my bed and eating like I could get on the free throw line. I doubt about quite a cheap basket. All day long and never really know what it's like to be Kobe Bryant. And running we can all relate to one another because there are no matter what our cases are we're all trying to ride that line has. And being able to add to reach that finish planet app the pop ball. And he'll be running this year is Boston Marathon how many times have you run the race. Not only imagine that the marathon in Boston one other time that I get mad that Olympic trials by the air in 2008 and it went back. A circuit it limp around app back base so that. Spectators okay it could really enjoy it enjoy watching and I'm watching the race unfold and watching the Olympic team. Get formed so I was able to talk about not at all in an amazing job hosting the trials that year. Condit but Sunday morning and then of course that America on it helped a bumpy street but it felt it was an exciting weekend in 2008 to be and they. Diet. Third Olympic team very involved and. Yeah I was gonna say speaking of the Olympics. You won a bronze medal backe and was it 04 in Athens. And I know right time goes what I love about that is not only that you I mean obviously to win a bronze medalist just it's monumental but. You had shattered what was a twenty year drought in the event for US women said that must've been an incredible moment for you. It was an incredible moment it was like call from a lot of demonstrating that made iron and Natalie and and the marathon but I couldn't have done it without a win in the foreign media and it's amazing to me and ad box in the league is coming up the often have other coming up. Because so much higher. All of our history and it's been out participating in the mail. I've had taken reading box and we have. So many years ago that Bobby get candidate the race to get the truth that Lincoln rat and the exterior Kaplan Whitner got a bit number. For the race that under the name case like there's so that she wasn't bad it was about Apogee with a female and she completed the marathon. To get that bent to them in paving the way fire Joan Benoit down up and in 1984 actually in the first ever. Women's marathon net and she won gold that year just won the hearts and minds of Americans. And really inspired people but all of these women returned to pop in each year to contribute to the race to run in the raid. It is just amazing to me got in touch a short amount of time. America is joining come so far and this year more than any other year there that we at least star. An incredible start and feel that's going to be telling the light pop and. And we've had Katherine Spitzer on the show she's just amazing and she ran the Boston Marathon just recently. To commemorate I think the fifteenth brought it in the fifty years since she had a run at that first time in which she told her story I was amazed. At her story in the doors that she opened up for all of via. Yes and chief. She's still has such a pleasant to work hard to believe it was trickier because they shouldn't even think he's the that maybe you're running at her out and that you. But she showed that I had. Update marathon and continue to inspire and encourage people upset. To push pop there's limitation and says. Empower themselves to go to let their dream come true whether it's letting any other and better position. She continued due out so a lot about their perpich deer running she felt continuing to inspired so many people. And I wanna talk about your buck so your book's title is let your mind to run it's a memoir of thinking it's just thinking my way to victory. You talk about mental fitness and positive psychology is a way to fuel physical fitness but. When I. Was looking at the book I thought this isn't really just for runners this whole. Concept of mental fitness fueling you. Can apply to people other than runners right. Absolutely taking control of your spot and being your own advocate is it really universally in about a concept that. Some of the pilot work focused on. Odd now I'm content taking care about physical bodies getting it like training program in the right gym membership are are driven in our careers and and that we're not our greatest cheerleaders that this is about that fact should patent is that it that Matt Barr but I like to think about it more evidence structure not memoir. And that I was writing over the past couple years. I really want it not put people out every bit up and learn more about the need back but to read the book and discover more about themselves. And talk about. I've read that you. The concept sort of came because you had a timing your life where. Not being positive having negative spots is almost a career Ender if you take a Specter that time for a minute. Yeah so I went in in college and judge. Written lately injuries and being frustrated and I was mostly because. Byrd the good part that I have my upbringing I was told I was talented in this sport and I think when your told your talent and is subconsciously these back. And got to live to to work hard. And so talented that stimulate domestic trade and it but nothing that my character as being trip and hard working until I didn't really understand that I just but. You might have Theresa and the curtain was the most talent win. I started leaving a lot and it became very frustrating I didn't know what went. Happening what I burning out get LA they used up my potential at and so it was really just gaining an understanding. A couple of conversations with some great mentors and coaches that while I've been doing this for some might like and I really don't know a lot about reading so I went on the subject because. We'll learn more at it first came with chuck and my training program. And once my contract the training programs opponent that got me to get the best out of that training program that came on the mental aspect that is a training my mind. When you say train your mind are there any specific skills that you do like meditation and nor imagery here anything like that that helps as well. That haven't lifted the rocket like Jim indicated that they. Haven't bashed. It gratitude list that and how powerful those those are as big as you continue writing them got a treatment every day anyway. Visualization and it was positive affirmation. And most debacle it was just paying attention and outlook. How old battery draining your mind as your as you're climbing a hill to say I hate killed while they held. And then said to realize what a struggle here and and they like ship Monday. A relationship I need my lunch hour right now tag can help me a little bit more but certainly better. And so I just chipped it it puke I'm getting stronger every client I'm getting stronger with every client and the in my mom and dad that simple shift that wording even though it just the thought it could be even changing the content your ot. But that that (%expletive) hardly ending up Pollard got me feeling more powerful to get up that hill. That the significant product spot and how they resonate with the cleanup body image usually profound did not I was learning as that is. As my career progressed and try to get paid attention and and tried changing light my spot then and my practices. If you'd just waking up and tuning in your listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven we've been chatting with delete distance runner and marathon winner Teaneck castor. About her amazing career in about her new book lecture mind run a memoir of thinking my way to victory let's get back to our conversation. How important is it to surround yourself by people who fuel those positive thoughts by a positive role models and people who are cheerleaders for UN and who have those people banning in your life. Uh oh gosh said that the positive re important and have gotten there has totally been thought that come at people like around my. I operate because that information that feedback we're getting. Weathered some people are books should be. We all might have that energy operate in our lives then and people that aren't a 100% supportive of our I dream that our vision that. It kicking around that ultimately would venture bits and inspire and encourage us and that is really a bad it really that. Says foundation have a great workspace set a foundation for accepts no matter what you know and cover it so. Luckily for me it's been through coaches and Jeremiah my family and I think that's what. Meet stand back and panic I have nothing to bite here because I came from lack. I'm not only support a family I had no struggle Larry abuse by. About amazing relationship and I like people who inspire and encourage me I've found that a man at my dream to look. That traveled with me and and and support me on a daily basis and it's a wonderful father helping raise their seven year old daughter Hyperic. I could feel very very fortunate that. And then I think I could not really lock a lot of executing that people would be around I might have got me back. Surrounding yourself with good people is important that actually go out and do it is that it and other things so Ollie being the people. Gonna inspire but it can inspire you and who you are back and Scott. And that is that is hugely important. It's funny that you say you know deluxe saying pissed. I have to be reminded of that a lot there's times that Osce in my has not been lucky my career is like now sometimes you might your tiny might be good and you might lucked out but and you have to have. Yet to make good decisions and you have to bring something to the table so I love that in that it's not luck it's it's it's making good decisions and conscious decisions as you say. A web tech like your daughter do you think what do you think that she. Has any aspirations of running has she run with you. She doesn't run with me sometimes I never encourage and I always let it be her idea because I don't want it set. I don't want her to have a negative that there could be candidate Eric. Sometimes she'll say that you are ago got on the track Bel lobster dinner achieved and a in all they had enough that you can hear what you're I'll make it kind reverend happy. That they need to get a joyous. Diet that venture backed. When she died out and run a local Turkey chopped or a jump on the track now are run but apart with the dogs and a bike. He bit joy to see how natural and how happy she is doing it felt. So I don't know what her what prompted you don't need to tell me that and that. I tried it try to encourage her with all of our past shinji didn't singing cop is cheap. Played the piano. I'll bury it all very mild to lead back. In Spanish classes but I'll be a neat thing that I I want it be about you as a parent it's our job you make sure worked accordingly and others and then. Shall find it shall I hip hop but my biggest hope is that whatever she chooses to do keep doing it with a lot of passion and joy. And that's what I was gonna ask you next what you hoped she took away from watching you know. Not not it. Not in terms of running but just watching the wade you've conducted your life and that is tipped to go after what you're passionate about I would assume. Absolutely and even Monday that day where she'll jump out of mashed about the car and and and gun let me fire. For a mile when we're on a training run and my husband is driving next to mean night and a chocolate he made. She'll do about it and grant her her heart out. And it. It's inspiring to me that night when she encouraging that might be leading by a good example. When she immediately just get. Social she wants compensation and cheep pilings and I think that that emulating our she'd see me in 198 threatening that it. It conversational. And and we're enjoying each others company so. I might be coming up and a million other way. But I feel oh yeah all seeking thing competent and copy of Connecticut op that's true. And I also read the. You can you how you balance your life sort of bite bite. How focusing on community and in doing somethings to give back talk about ways that you give back to the community. Wow and I mean can neither did this whole journey up I lied about communication and then. And and sharing time with people when I dedicated the book and I aid flight longtime coach Jody hill who inspired me and he can do it showed by example that no matter what we have whether it's time our money our food or knowledge. The value of that increase is that men sweet moments at the moment shared with somebody else. And that those in need got that. The whole my whole passion in life and sharing all of these things you know what edit. What good is popping time that we're not sharing with someone weathered the weathered over the Aaron interview are weathered sitting at the paintball or sitting across the death from somebody. Manny what it is that it or not and yelled at and it was shared with others. There's there's nothing better that need to be sitting at a table and sharing a meal it spend and family age and that knowledge that if we note some truth then. In running our life that good what good is that we keep it in our own head that. It power comes and we can share some of that treatment with other people also can Miette that sharing aspect of it is so important weekend. And that the communities we bed and that we can feel lucky to live in the community and our elect while I'd make some really good choices for Libya. And to be a bad. To share what we talk like that communities we police tried and it is. Hugely important in I'm in helping create an inspired that they use within that community we Elkhart Indiana lake where I live. Them community raped is their fourth of July freedom my a Turkey trot and just trying. Bob we caught in a truck. Six here in the downtown. Because the cost the country we kept being that. Tracks that we're at universities then on school campuses are being close to the public for liability purposes. As we wanted to build the track that people can't. Head of that and enjoy enjoy it back creating on no matter what I've appear electronic dale wise but just trying to get back and led debates so people constantly have. A wade through it can release that and enjoy their surroundings and I'm so it's been it's been wonderful to be in the community. Because the community been supportive of my husband and I over the years then we would like to have repay that favor and call. That's incredible. If you just joining us times two tab in your listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven Dina Caster is our guest today she is an Olympic medalist and record holder in the marathon she is talking with us today about the power of positive thinking and mental fitness driving physical fitness. That's top pick up her new memoir called elect your mind to run a memoir thinking my way to victory let's continue. Ice a quota on your website that kind of struck me it's said my greatest wish besides inspiring a child to dream locked alien sports has to helping the appreciation of the journey. To instill in many did desire for fitness and health because of the vitality it brings. Vitality of course is different from victories one more important than the other. I think iCloud is is it more important victory because our. A victory and I called whether it had to run a personal bastard that he can come creature first five K or whether it does that make it to the next week. That there Ben Golub are like deacon per carry that kind of or act. But how we condition and about Hobbits are habit of thought and the bodies that were conditioning. In that cop bad is it. Is the most important part and could go to the moment are building up stronger suggest printing just showing up every day. I was showing up at the office they're showing up to think you're running shoes on those that the important step because because that's the building up that the building space and that can mean that's that's more important. And it could talk about the journey seemed so cliche at it like that I think about it it says in those other ways that. I'm back but he can't that Kerry is never going to be acceptable at five not getting out there today and then helping build that. This book something that you had always wanted to do something that somebody more recently urged you to do was always in new did it come easily when you're writing yet. It very but he didn't use the word easy. Because at some people that treat that the book from journalist that tree that the book. That tallies up the unedited Galley that still need to send out. Two. Two educated people are they're up but as Tony Eric said at that. Those values I am I got some feedback on them. And so many people that Bob Alex I think you'd agree that it. It computed APEC I think easy green. These are rights. Because the Balkans and it was a a grooming last year I'd been writing about for three years it might co author Michelle panel and she was that a writer for our runner twelve straight years and then. Back and debit take on the project with me. And it could really cart commitment that kept me dedicated tree the harder are the weeks of fighting there were days where we quit. Let met for hours on an opening paragraph. At a party written. So it was that it was a hard process but I think again when you have a great team around you look you feel I'm dedicated to that and I certainly felt like I owed child might greatest effort because the Baffert she was putting him. We also had a great. At exert haven't gotten that I'm at crowned pulling random house to really click start Lynette. And he beat you really kept our feet to the fire and kept wanting more and more out of that and that they're. There's nothing more satisfying your spirit and giving your opposite something very challenging and spell out that as a but come without there this week I couldn't be more proud as a putting everything into it trying to pick create good product. And I love that it's coming out here we are Boston Marathon time you're gonna be here running it. You're originally from Boston is that right. I would born and I'll have my mom way born in rays can caller Nantucket beach and so my. Some childhood colleague at the beach there but I was raised in California. Impact so well we'll still call you a bus to grow we wanna take ownership of you look at it and we want to wish you so much like this out. Don't need so many fond memories that it be eccentric toppled and waiting for ice cream man that comes. Come down beat up in this that we did cool off in the summer heat stroke my ape like childhood memories that are I definitely thought baron. Jack and you have a different mindset when you approach a marathon now being older. And I I my ear my thought coming into this straight I'm 45 your ball and night out his days are behind me. But it just trust trust that bailed out by I feel like I have incredible amount of trust and and not just the ears behind you need that in that. In that time I was able I'd go great fall and entrusting them being articulate. Could it not work every morning but when I got home I had my mom's not on my wife how to iron and aren't doing things you're writing newsletters for a mammoth track pad. So now I have multiple hot during the day polishing up the bulk of course with a huge one. Getting getting the final product out there. But but just at that time that I would be able to has spent in my reading shoot at the outbreak tied and I did it which. Where the 100% focused but and the rest of the day. How to how to become part of me that different focus opt out. But we are -- out of time believe it or not but I wanna remind listeners to book is called let your mind to run a memoir of thinking man way to victory. Gina thank you so much for sharing so much with us today I am sure many of our listeners are looking forward. To reading your book and good luck on the marathon. Thank you feel that explored your arriving in Boston fans. Tina Caster has been in the spotlight today an exceptional women but remember that exceptional women are everywhere we interview athletes CEOs celebrities and authors. But we also like to talk to teens and co workers and your neighbors. Who are quietly making an impact out their communities email us if you know someone who fits the bill with up to your commute meantime thank you to my producer cantor to Tony into all of you listening. Tune in again next Sunday at 730 for another edition of exceptional women on magic when a six point seven have a great day.