Defrosting Your Windshield.mp3

Monday, January 8th


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You have to leave your car outside overnight you know what do Enid is to defrost the windshield on cold mornings is. On ice scraper workspace can take a lot of energy time you get the frozen fingers. One weatherman has a solution is name is Ken weather's believe it or not that's his real last name weather's been shared only with yeah. I hit a shared a recipe for a simple mixture that would get rid of the frost and your windshield in seconds. It's rubbing alcohol and water how easy is that he makes a third part water two thirds par rubbing alcohol together. You poured into a spray Bali sprayed on your windshield and you'll see the ice disappeared. Instantly what's better as you can keep it in your car a little spray bottle because the alcohol doesn't freeze won't freeze because it's an alcohol have good job so weather's I never knew that little trek easiest.