Demo Lovato

Friday, June 22nd


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So out. When is Roseanne not Roseanne and we're gonna cover that in the morning shade which is on the way just cook my. Najibullah six point seven. The. I missed you on our hands. Mrs. Clinton. It's a beautiful morning outside. Cool day today 75 or something like that so and so weekend's upcoming. David and through morning magic time for the morning should be mentioned this Roseanne story which is sort of interest in sort of what grows. This is still Roseanne show for my head up. Lot of fat off so well what flak about that minute and if I Janet Jackson is gonna sponsors outside shade is a sponsor the sum up my ideal image what's gonna. All right. The 52 year old Grammy winners on the cover of their happiness issue and opens up about her life among the topics discussed. In what she calls a letter from my heart. She talks about her happy times as well as her intense battle with depression in her thirties. She said in part I quote could relate to failing to meet impossibly high standards. And of course there always the societal issues of racism and sexism. And about together and depression is a tenacious and scary condition. Thankfully I found my way through it it's really that's unique effort for Janet she's not one to usually sort of open up. Why she's been the Arabs. So Sanford just another hearing about it yes so this in this. Particular. Magazine she's really talking about. From her childhood on what it was like to grow up as a Jackson well and sort of what that came west just try to imagine now grown up enough house I can't close. And hey get a rosy and spinoff has been ordered a rosy and is moving forward without Roseanne. ABC announced yesterday had ordered a new Ceres featuring the characters of hers and mine is Roseanne Barr of course. The move comes more than three weeks after Barr's Twitter scandal. John Goodman Laurie Metcalf Sara Gilbert Lacey Goran and Michael fishing there on the return to reprise their characters in the new series since they say. Will be still about the kind of team we just don't have there been a deal with the absence of their main character Roseanne has now instead let it points yeah Saturday divorce dispute it. Telegraph we don't know. She's in the other room to the first definitely they'll. She's just the other she's a basement so. Can I just say yeah when when this happened when that whole thing blew up a death but he got fired on the show or not fired everybody got let go positions canceled. I remember thinking I remember your from a lot of people how. Upset they were on behalf of all these people look at the other stars who were psyched to be back working on the shelf. And it all just evaporated because of one person and ask him and I think they're all back in that one please. Who's already upon us you and I talked about how this is gonna play out I'm not sure how. A show called the Connors that's from the Rosie and sort of whereas this when I Roseanne is gonna actually do when I contend that maternal and totally we don't know blown apps. And last but not least Demi Lovato has a surprise you single out the pops in your practice on yesterday called sober. About her struggles with addiction the sun is actually about how she relapsed recently. She's been very open about her journey so I'm really shocking but powerful lyrics in that song Movado. Is currently on a world sort confirmed.