Dola Becoming A Dolphin

Wednesday, March 14th


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So while you were shoveling the snow blowing relieving your space savers out there but something happened that you made a couple things happen that you may not have noticed. But over the overarching things the patriots roster changed dramatically. Him. In the last 24 hours and then this edition of patriots expert instruction by Kendrick Tony whoop him I'm gonna remind. I can't describe the patriots have two after Mac and I try to enjoy pat patriot on my (%expletive) that's how big a fan she is so what. And Danny Amendola one of our favorites. Now I I. I saw that picture that Julian element posted of him and Danny Amendola hugging and laughing using any of this for romance going on well and everybody had improvements. Plus a critical success. Perhaps that I got I've I can even talk about a different sweating thinking about the two of them but. Yeah he posted a picture and that the hash tag was. See you in South Beach or something like that are you know wait. You're always if you're cool you're always cool no matter if it's sunny or not or something like Eddie all these little cut and cheesy catch phrases minister saying that said and then the link when I clicked it. Was about Danny Amendola signing a two year twelve million dollar eight million guaranteed. To go play for the Miami Dolphins and this is different than the good team trading him he he just didn't get he got a better offer somewhere else writes I believe right track they they've. Had the money they're paying them and so he's going and wasn't like the patriots were saying we're getting ready I mean. She was clutch for us in every single playoff game for the last five years when I heard reported was that he's also taken a pay cut the last couple years yes patriots weren't overpaying for him on submitted some surprise that he took normally go somewhere else now but you always hope I get the patriots always do this they never seem to pay. The guys that we really love the only one that. Didn't care and ended up staying with Tedy Bruschi always said I don't care what they Temi I'm never leaving most but all these guys even Malcolm Butler he's gonna Tennessee's getting 61. Million dollars for five Icrc is. Well look let me ask you about the ballot because. Since Patrick took the Super Bowl was clear Malcolm Butler was not going to be hanging around in the bright bright and I think the patriots should have worked out I think we should've kept him I think he was good enough to have on the team that in and dole was like the heart. He's one of the loves that you don't wanna Gowan. And her eighty really liked liked him yeah were there were they paired off free well whose socialist and McCain received and he was never a huge star throughout the regular season it was always the playoffs or he was. So key and it was just Connolly. Don't talk millions a lot of money for menial but I mean and NFL world as soon putt. Not a lot so it's like I could you just paid him I mean I don't know why why not offer him a little bit more or something Morgan asked about Deon Lewis is not a big deal. Tom Nunn as much as the other two but he's but. Tennessee is getting like three or four of our guys are getting Malcolm Butler Deon Lewis and deal hosted in twenty million homes for four years ticket and peeved by the titans. So I mean we're losing a lot of people I. Hope another town getting better at the same time yeah teachers are losing these great players and I'll tell you better ask you could have some tricks obviously all I think bill's got some tricks up his sleeve on. Worry about that. Bill we trust. Whatever is happening field.