Donut Bouquet

Thursday, August 9th


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Well this tough decisions to be made when you want to organize your wedding you want everything to be beautiful and perfect. But it's lately. Doughnut bouquets have become the new trends at patent. I'm not sure about this. Don't have a case originally made their first appearance last summer there was an Australian variety kind of made headlines because she decided. She wanted to don't application want flowers to just be wasted so this is exactly what I think it is it's come up the aisle and stood holding the book live. Yeah roses flowers whoever you're holding doughnuts he gets from Harold plays maybe at some jelly thing. So that the fun now can because now to new trend people don't want to waste the money on the flowers. Brides are saying they wanna use their down at two K for both beauty. And then a snack I snack after the effort of walking up the aisle right out or like throughout a lot of bright say that throughout the wedding like once they take their pictures. That as a whole they just pick pick at the doughnut a little bit here a little bit there but I don't now I mean and I'm not buying that I'm not a baby may. He N out announced it was like a giant Kate can maybe I could do it but donuts well the yeah. Say this delicately to. You diet don't have any brides sort of refrain from eating things like donuts in the right months after their wedding day so they can get in an address gang wanna feel unlucky bass and you know money heavy foods like a donut that. You know what they're Tryon and not waste the flowers I mean with the slow. Brian is over I'm hungry I'm Diana the it's if you give me some really really great news for again about the carry Underwood and Kelly can be very good. Do you shouldn't. It's behind San Diego radio dot com station WM GM WM DS HT want.