Tuesday, June 19th


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We'll door Reno's has made a small number of giant ships they're calling them Jurassic. Door burritos. In honor of the new Jurassic Park movie coming out on Friday. The company says they've merged dinosaur and to read out DNA creating a mammoth size version of the checked. The company's gonna give away ten total Jurassic ships once daily between June 22 and July 2. To entry just tweak actor read I was using hash tags Jurassic street as an entry and they'll pick winners. At random this is kind of cool how big to put we talk and I think you'll like the foot by a foot acting this at eleven inches on each side. If you start making without. But yeah. I think he dimension. You can also bid on a giant drastic shift on the today that comes in a dinosaur egg the current high bid. 600 and there's who looked so upper row referred to or read out somebody wants a chip. Yeah him for that one that won that they're they're doing bids for that money goes to charity the American Red Cross for victims of the volcano is that why because that's where they. Films a lot of the Jurassic Park movies such the big tying yeah bills 600 trucks I know for a door readout mr. giant bowl of salt for that goes with a two and then improved it yeah. Right plus soon. Had a tore it up. In her dreams of you know all about don't we got anything yeah.