Dreading Bathing Suit Season

Monday, February 26th


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It's funny I look at reminded how different things are between. Between men and women I was listening to you and Kendra. Talk about what a big deal bathing suit season is how it's you're gonna start shopping for bathing suits and and it never happened occurred to me that that's the thing but it's he you're going to win this week. I'm going away on the twelfth and I am already in a complete and utter flop sweat because I was the store and their bathing suits are out it reminded me that I need to get a new bathing suit for my vacation. And that's just a horrifying thought yet to go into the dressing round. And you gotta look at your pasty white lay eggs is awful lightning and the awful lighting and Nate in it was a challenge you part of browser yeah go right to. Thought you should give themselves a little bit on my dirtier than in the do in the search window the browsers who point being since then hide your belly yeah this. Everybody has a problem spot and the problem is you know with a bathing suit is very little material to work went so you want to conceal something generally and nine is my valley conceal something but also. Legal something out there for. We want to highlight. Parts that make you feel good it right can hide it. The other our rights and rights for re talking about who your arms are I. It was my leg is I'm OK with my arms it's my middle part you know after you have kids it's pretty hard to have like the flat six pack adds I don't care what you do its best. I mean that I need to extract. Like flight home run yes it alike are immaterial that kind of pulls you in I need extra concerns certainly about that or warned that if things for guys. Because you is just let it all hang out you're like here I am lucky and I am I wish them all like that. Live it love it does is it can't you know maybe it got some have their organs being moved and stretched for nine months either so a little easier for guys I think to get back into shape and no they're feeling like they don't they one of those little way Sharon who conceived at the cook. Me not a regular Americans should tell you sign your face like I've knocked it over these tonight. It does add value brother baby's yeah right now I gotta this to I mean you can get back in shape but due date your pre baby body is. Pretty much we usually gotten with so when you were you were looking online gee can you order swimsuit on violence I sincerely anxious and that's 'cause I. Swimsuits and keep your beauty your you to a new one every do you can you do it online you gotta try I don't know it's hard to slippery slope list is. It fat flash. You have to be really careful like I sometimes I've got lucky but a lot of times if I'm just trying to avoid. The dressing room trying them on it and that is a bad day in the making you gotta go with a friend a good friend would be like to get all that you see here. I'm sure you can just fun and it's got to get a tongue occasionally we kept the next thing you know we're coming up we'll pray for them supposed to be excited and I'm dreading the bake about it.