Eating While Driving

Thursday, September 13th


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Well you probably heard the story last week the rich what do cops picked up somebody weaving all over the road drive. Dramatically slowing slowing down speeding up thought it was you know impaired driver now it was an ice cream company unit to. And keep it under control so we asked in the questions is simple one do you eat what you drive. But you edu and I think you and I do I don't like Iraq I'm oh in the morning at all of what happened. So what got what are you talking about when you say breakfast every talking and omelets bacon and tags are you doing snuck out. We aren't how many are like what Bob and I I thought yeah. You know what I. Yeah condiments and everything hot beverage and asks them. I'm Justine have. Three back in my young and it wanted you know well my I don't want it but I. Have three kids a piece of toast coffee that's a lot going on you Allen and peanut butter too late Chris Johnson everything. And ask them. What are. Well and I thought about it while I'm driving. Does this all in the cup holder on the console between the seats in front of some of it in your love for work or how do you lay it out. Yeah out of there and that the coffee shop at the top. Yeah it's rapid a little bit with the napkin underneath so just tell you have any doubts inside your car must look like nine it's not very neat is it. Crumbs in banana Seattle transit gas becomes. You're playing with fire with that hot coffee in the peanut butter though I gotta tell you. I actually thought it Huerta then campaign he had an outsider. I want I don't happen like ER. Yeah. Montel a girl's gotta eat restraint safe travels fear and the kids this morning thanks for listening. I budget good morning was this place. Candace what do you eat in the car this morning. I'm meat and I am well what is right by the alleged event is gonna be uttered. I hope I had it perfect he went around older right. That well let me get my legs and I. T. A girl after mile on a higher at least I can at least this is a one handed operation you still got one hand on the real. Won him to a guy and that is great bull Tina thank you rate then the game and healthy to do anything about it not to bad and that's not bad cancel travel thanks for listening. Important Europe to work full. One arrived at work he's done in the car Annika she's had ample. And I apple flight means she's got it set perfectly and are black so it's the nicest dirty and just look straight in just. Either way that sick bit of icing it it's it's it's nice it's a dangerous game coming. There. This again in the hot foods greasy foods now not a hot compared to make them whole.