Eavesdropping On Strangers

Tuesday, April 17th


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Need some help on this one and it's an etiquette question I hope you guys old. Jumping in and helping him what when is it when is it acceptable to jump in on somebody else's conversation that they're having in public. But the right next to you clearly just chat it up figures next somebody like you're in line or something like. I do it all the time and if I'm Mike has been so wrong. Right it doesn't I do I do and and in my husband's mortified if he's with me that I jumped into the conversation but I feel like sometimes if they're talking really badly and it's something I can relate to I just. Okay straight as perfect strangers all the time as us all the time. Relying on Saturday we're gonna see a year and remind for an event. And the check in wasn't open so it was clear Ruben bee line for five to ten minutes is compared to remind people in front of us then my wife and and there's three women behind so I can see in my peripheral vision that kind of turned a little bit just to check out what's gone and they were talking very. Not super loud the whole world here but they were concealing what they were saying oh. And they were talking nears that tell about. Some actress. Who one of them thought and had way too much classics contributor and was trying to convince the others. That this was the case and others like will now and I liked her in this this in this amendment that the woman was then you know charges like now now she looks all pulled back. Not like chat ladylike kind of. The real irony is that nasty I narrated by a judge HIG where would you just I did jumped right in on that because with celebrity you feel like it's fair game because we all. Feel like we know them it's not like I'm jumping out a conversation about them talking about some friend of theirs I've never met so if I agreed like every turn around like oh my god I say it's way too much did not quite. They were talking about so my point was silent wanted to go who you talk about what. You know what yes is there and I just couldn't find the ultimate. Yes I think it would've been weird is super if a guy doesn't vs a woman like it is three women are talking some guys come person hey everybody. What are you talking about me. You and thinking on how you do it like if you can't generally. Yang and I don't think she should on the lips or something like that like onion quick I would laugh out loud if it was me in my friends that are of LA. That's funny and actually true but it's not I think it would be the way you do it. But it's also light are you while he's listening around you like I'm always how content receiving information my hasn't completely is oblivious and he does even know what goes on and oddly like the people in the restaurant next to us just broke up and you hear the music what people and he. He has no idea it would be worried and sitting next to this copilot I overheard the entire thing that's I was shook my wife walk on are you get this guy. Their little because we could really say anything is and they would know we were listening and. And she I mean she was hearing it but she did not take the interest into the high did right so I wonder what it is and maybe it's what we do for a living but I am always in tune with what's happening around me and testing at all and you and your husband together and get them. I don't that's the easy out virtually all of us sat around a lot listening to other people. I can tell ya almost impossible actually lets you play it for a hundred dollar stop the jobs get cut that's next and that's.