Elevator listeners

Thursday, June 21st


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Gonna stick with your your original instinct as a rock would be the person you'd be stuck in an elevator with. Yes but not for all the reasons you think it's also because I think he's charming and funny and he can entertain me while we're stuck and they are coming down by house because he's strong and he confessed give me. Unless 53 and easy on the eyes and you know how it if all else fails well hunger and now we got this thing and that's a great calls about it about who you would wanna be if if you gonna be stuck in an elevator and we can make it so that you didn't know you're gonna be rescued after three hours you're just stuck in an elevator who would you wanna be trapped where I imagine what a six point seven SS. Yeah no doubt Jeanne will who would you wanna be trapped in an elevator with. She was a great candidates have some fun like that I am part of that you know thought about what it. Yeah yeah teach me your secrets good stuff to know thank you so much. I feel so bad other people are picking better people I know I know we're going shallow his Najibullah 6 point some good morning assess it. I don't mind well although the wings Paula that's a good one daily yeah laughing their off some. We said one person choose to hold. A little ground all right thank you surely they care. I imagine whose fifth at the Susan and who would you wanna be trapped in an elevator with Kevin. Alone yeah he's a good 12018. Kevin Costner or 2002 Kevin Costner. And it don't matter enemies whereas love Italian little than me but he's my favorite I love men and I feel like he would put me at EU and east so. Latin. Features like me she taxation and knows him if I'm Fabio. Can star Kevin Costner and his thanks so much magic won a six point 71 more here. You don't ignore someone who assists. Cater yeah just didn't it's good. You got forty summer all of who want to Charlton an elevator with you to be trapped. Right now. Okay yeah that's Smart thinking much wiser than we announced. I just think whoever's hot I go Jennifer Aniston and it goes where it you know loans they have Jeff thanks so much have a great day fabric here.