Emma Reveals What Sue Is Like As A Mom

Wednesday, July 18th


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This is a rare opportunity. Because us whose daughter Emma and got a very early to join us for the radiation you guys in there and renal related yeah that the airport is open and it is so awesome having you're. Can and cannot tell you why that's so awesome. Because we now get a window into the real. Seem to have enough enough. It seems like behind closed out there. And I remember who pays your tuition bills that would normally give me primary focus of she's kind of a monster at home I've been institute. Between the hours of when she gets home from wearing and before she takes a nap. It is now at CD just sixteen hours between Iraq. Every single day of your life. It seems to take got taken out so well I can like this be a normal part I do I have to at least laid out like thirty minutes even if it's to I don't know we sleep but I have to just like. Decompress it. So what does she say when she comes home and changes announced yet she opened the door and she ripped smashed houses on. Obviously this isn't us and. She's so organized when she's here as you can see by the papers all the floor yeah I heard about it and I know in my defense when I walked into the house Emma. There are dishes everywhere there's laundry and be where you can barely see the floor sometimes like Doug waters still brining in did. Refrigerator doors open. Come on Imus out of Sioux stack up against the other moms and your friends she is. A neat freak. Four shall prepare for or shore. Like things the way I like things. He says that about me on your thing that tone of voice yeah. I need to ask about the laundry situation house is I'm curious if she like on you about laundry like if there's things laughed as she coming your remain like. What is this what is this connect just picture her are you expecting yes she is an inspect there fine cheese and Specter what happens this. A door pops open looks like our eyes he about a quarter and my invention think. I think it's time you have to deal. Kids. And what's the biggest pet peeve about what you leaving your round. Wet towels on the flag on my husband as doesn't come easy and they have carpet in their rooms so it's like a wet towel under the carpet does not smell good after awhile. And I haven't been telling her for seventeen. Years eighteen years now do not leave the wet towels unplug. Just even put it on the doorknob she started a fee out every time she and the wet towel on my flights ten dollar and yet Perry deserves really never sign up. Somewhere that you know ten dollars to all five dollars for Bose stereo something like that. There's not a entire giving her ideas have you ever paid me the ten dollars. Now. OK I have argued my way out of it and that's I think she will weasel. You shared about sue at home you know here in the studio for a for a long time for many months you remember the swear jar yes we had to swear jar because your mom likes to draw. It's kinda she's never heard that right and I know how to all know now my color. It's a treat them here thank you for currently being with us this morning really appreciate.