Thursday, June 21st


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It's point seven Mariah Carey I guess is learning that where you can be on top of the world one day and trying to sell tickets to your show the next. It's time for the morning shave for magic 106 once it's into the details sponsored by most southwest grill crude. But David after over 4000. Episodes the plug being pulled on the Jerry Springer Show. Producers announced yesterday that they will discontinue filming but that the show on that disappeared completely. They'll still. Air reruns. I say thanks but no thanks I think we've had enough comfort couldn't that was still on I guess it is yeah and they're going on for hammer reruns holdup though is that sort of issues driven shows yeah. Tough people just going out swinging at each other on stage it's kind of the lowest common denominator if you ask me sets by saying you know Latin Bob IKEA picked timeless in reruns or is that yeah. George Clooney and his wife Hamas have donated a 100000 dollars to help migrant children who have been separated from their parents at the border. They did via their foundation that's called the Clooney foundation for justice and the money went to the young center for immigrant immigrants children's rights. Hayward is that tickets not selling so quickly from Mariah Carey's big shout it kicks off on July 5 that rents for three months. Caesar's palace can hold 4300. So there are lots of seats to fail. Her people of course denying that there's any problem. She had a couple of missteps in the last couple hours and museums. Yeah and some other issues where she showed a blade and couldn't saying it has been going particularly well from south and a new celebrity couple you know that I'm just like so excited about this a new celebrity couple to talk about it seems Chris Pratt is dating Katherine. Schwarzenegger daughter Maria Shriver and Arnold I'm not kidding they had a little picnic date of course the paparazzi caught their every move we stop what they were eating which was really just sandwiches and chips nothing happened usual. Of course Chris is. Stop the heels of a divorce without a fair to ask you about the disparities and yeah five minutes ago says yes he's bouncing back quickly as. Yes like ink isn't dry here we got your strange celebrity tweet who posted best. That feeling when you transition from walking on those airport moving sidewalks to regular human walking in you realize just how in at a UYR. Who was it Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Jessica Biel or Chris Pratt we're gonna tell you next.