Episode 10: Fall Beverages

Friday, October 6th

Happy Fall! We’re toasting Autumn with some favorite fall beverages. And you better believe there’s pumpkin involved! Check it out for yourself.


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And boy I should point out lefty. Imagine what a six point seven yeah Nancy Cologne. This is done they rise in bona Petit though there were podcasts on about some of our favorite things which would be food. They're rich travel. And today's focus is about some of our favorite fall beverages often thin Texans game. I'm Nancy cruel and here with me is Jason hello and more again Friday and grub may join us that he's not here. Rob is already drunk actually maybe that's what I mean we have our drinks here but I think the party started like at about noon he was sneaking already very strong point could be. The Ari so all the averages what do you think about he. Averages well. Of course we have to think about pumpkin beer yes because you sort of sum to sip only it's a lot of nationality Cayman anyway I thought you were in a barrel. I knew you wouldn't want to miss out on the pumpkin beer. With that can I was actually I was hoping you wouldn't show up in the crisply yours. I bet you work for. That and we have tried it yet so we don't know if it's delicious and I. I think we should go right to listen we are trying it's it's a pumpkin beer. And it's southern tier they're in southern tier is actually made in New York it is which is upstate New York which is. Crazy but I would think of southern is okay and it be quite just drink it. A little bit earlier saying it's a little bit chair you're out of the theater here well here and you know what I really love about pumpkin Beers let me. Delicious sugary stuff. An old figure ram didn't bring. Nancy what I like it's it's a little bitter but it also has sweetness to them and to syrupy it's just it's it's it's a very robust pumpkin spice flavor also I mean is this double IPA it it's kind of feels like it's heavy beer IE I'm not sure to be honest with UB here's what they say on their website a guy. Take a width of this complex and and your journey has just begun at first step. A magical spell will be which your taste life yet another victim in rapture and by the palm came. Load upon king is it's a creature. I don't wanna see the picture I'd like that picture. It's looking right on the bottom that sounds like Halloween gears their web site that we can get out of people wanna try I think he delusional. At frontier. On you can check it out on behalf plunking you know nicely. This is that a pro looks pretty people you see that he is an evil conflicts the alcohol content jays I think alcohol contents I like. And you're sent something that is value you I don't actually see it was on the wrong it's eight point six per eight point six. I I searched this is high octane it is but there is fun it's a little bit more and has 9% that's. Shipyard pumpkin head. They've got one called smashed pumpkin hollow and the way Smashing Pumpkins 9%. I think I've seen that one yes. But the regular shipyard pumpkin head is not. 9% notes on points yet I see right to an iris I speak yes you know actually I had my first pumpkin head of the year couple weeks ago after like football and I actually ordered the sugar ram. As at least you Ann's it was delicious. And I actually ticket they have that all year long letter read something that it was so successful that they actually do. I'm you know don't quote me my early because I only only guy up you know I make things up on these podcasts ago they feel like I've heard it once before but I'm pretty sure of this one. Tonight saying that I went to Six Flags last week and for fright fest. And they had the most delicious pumpkin beer and had two which is pretty much limit. And supervised and then I chase and found out and I hope it does not meet with the same. Organist thereon podcast that he and I am I mean our my late friend everybody out come in here than on the kid enterprise and I am slightly different route yes I am thinking yes you are now. Did you have the genes outward at the zombie machines that come they had chains on that I just grabbed him. Okay he didn't seem to mind. That's at fault they tell people not to do that you know I know and I said it is this wrong any set I'm OK with that Bob. Wrote. Rudy because it can. I think it's good writing is good this time a year ago I am I don't know I think mania and I think I'm okay with a fully two weeks and then you know. It's time to move on it's actually imperial imperial pumpkins which is why it IA. Alcohol yeah. Indeed here but he's tend to be like the super out yes I had southern tier reports agree pepper. Actually by 24 packs. I guess that scene and at BJ's 24 packs and a variety of southern engineer yeah yes you know I think David tripped up like PA I don't like him to triple A thinks or does he quadruple but he has a quadruple. Pump give I TA that's that's the challenge for somebody divert him. I don't know that they do quadruples quadruple yes I've seen on political and apple. I don't know about that it's so maybe somebody listening to this might threw us a quintupled pumpkin idea day. If that's possible you can drop by the station tamales and I call until Trevor at right I've asked this make you drop one and hammer that. Exactly at twenty far. What are you gonna do with that I mean Ahmadabad the fridge in it for Africa has a year lightly that's an additional six months I need to. Two is it for me to is entering Clement I think yes Nancy something like that looked at meaning and baseball all yes they tell you about to talk to us about that yet that was a. Pumpkins angry young. And I'm gonna tell you right away I have no idea what's in it except for the years that kind of a pumpkins vice flavor to it and I would think if it's it's angry it would have mine in it but I couldn't taste the wine. But it's from a place called the farmer's daughter in Easton and which is open mostly for our. Breakfast and lunch they do have the dinner piracy is even drinking each. Brian she'd kind of things that are covering herself and she can be and I let it ride at this welcome Brent but I did have at a breakfast type it is just strategy one over there. Always watching off to. Let this campaign's angry at first. We all kind of said I don't know if I want him but he was so. Can't how many did you have just one look at who's in office you can I've had a pumpkin martini seem cool to just didn't have like. I'm an apple cider Martina entering into. Yeah again like you can't tell you what's important but I just want them tempering its right in Cinemark until you pass out basically has rubbed his heavy that hasn't had a lot of time he's played many many years some common. They could cinnamon usually in just little they put cinnamon stick and ball nine gas. I had a a pumpkin is an Irish cream that was pumpkins pumpkin cream I guess is what you'd call I've seen and in him models in depth and the it was clear bottle and it was you know Karl tennis orange color. I member I didn't finish the bottle it was a last year the year deputy Lawrence but I didn't I am not an official bottle that like in one sitting obviously accurately haven't afterward that stumbled upon it like in the non pumpkin season denies that he. It does Irish Irish creams and those premium drinks they keep an army my stomach is just that strong that. I can opener up believe in the cabinet for a few months and I'm not dive I drink it afterwards the dailies that hangs on for awhile yes oh yeah any -- you can keep that in electric and I mean out of my house but I. But that's you're doing it it certainly is just hit the can I mention Heather fall. Liquor that actually discover discover this couple years ago and I just look at name out displayed got a cracked but. It is it's a local company grand ten distillery they have a cranberry. Le corps it's called crane Berry. And it's out of this world crane marry well yet Craig CRA and EB ERY it's a it's a Massachusetts cranberry of the core. Yeah and yet it's it's it's it's a strong beverage and if you mix it with vodka and shake it up and you'll have a deliciously arts martini which is public all blues. It's a local drinking grant and as early to local brand leader Dorchester either Boston somewhere. But I gave a bottle of it to a friend of mine when I went to go visit as they mean it was not you know hot to get you bottle that I I'd I'd pick. Taken up on hand I what are you gonna do with that China is Sharon and I I flew all the way out to. Could be the end if you. After the senate today for vacation a couple of years ago we'll have to talk about Mexico at some point oh we run insurance. And I thought it would be nice to bring it taste of Massachusetts. As a nice thank you for allowing us to stay at our friends please I bought this I've boulder up in the eyes suitcase and is survived and got some. It's great notes afterward from the person to ask him host this tea well I never even thought about cranberry as a as a it's not when you see it's not like I mean. Absolute doesn't make that flavor I don't think you know. Cranberry and a lot of flavors cranberry feels very local to Massachusetts unless we have Robert Boggs round and oceans raised based here. You know I think Kramer of the court just makes complete sense for follow earnings. Why outsider. I mean some people that you you don't put anything in is going to be just you know plain old fighter drink it. Do you like it warm are you liking it. Depends on the senate today depends which put it. And if you're warming it up and putting something some ominous and it's. You didn't have protection on oh yeah act your next career as a bartender. Seek your good listener tenure at making drinks that extra. Amnesty blue lights doing that this is not a next career. Now if I had more time I would. I would I'm mama once I finished this this whole thing am Key West bartender and q.s you can flip flops or shorts their estimate. You can grass isn't breaks and New England flavors down there and expect to be your niche there we go siders. Have you had in the cold. Corporate insider you know when Nolan is gonna orchard at lower loving guy. Orchards green La gaffe in the good series given him a good ginger. Flavored cider. Isn't this an irregular just apple cider they have a whole series of site or flavors I know because every time I go to somewhere they have decider. I always chooses beer instead via because I'm afraid if I don't like at nine stuck with panicking she just tried tasted. I think we try to mean you tried your pumpkin. So angry and you didn't you like that and try something new that's recommend that if I got a suite is its sweet it is it is easily one of the challenges is it if you're going to have 88 Dave binge drinking not that any of us ever done now wore down but you know use if you. You can't really have too many of them because they're just sweet it's a lot this week sugar. But the first woman just you know when you put it Hewlett and take that step. It's the last place and other experts right totally wherever I go down so yeah yeah yeah you know it's. It's good now it's a little chilly you know you do in some false stuff and you haven't it's got a window you know 23 weeks and then. It's okay. I don't wash sale. Keeping quiet and even within and I don't know what only does that. Didn't whom I've heard of it I don't know what's an. Mine does about his own haven't gotten there were hot right now we can't even not Halloween decoration or yet okay sure to stick to the pumpkin and we have a completely now at the Santa. Christmas right and Ollie asks any many excellent can't wait for that and get a bunch of bills so many examples that it's right. Chocolate tea like to put anything in your hot chocolate eggs him -- appeal the Zeke. Locals who he surrounds of inaccurately your matchup it's not a big camera person utility. I mean here and there by Lewis might go to. I used to just had the elites and China and and you know one ran out house in ninety query and provides. Yeah that bartender if you beds in my house we always have close and Lukas I mean. That is financed craziness that's true he went to 33. Espresso beans and street it means for good luck. I do that when I'm having it just on the rocks right not now net sales force not but it is Italian thing of course yes that we think Europe. I judge restaurants that don't do that actually. Oh that's when you go somewhere and every resident I mean I know and that's why when they don't ride. It's like when you get a blueberry beer they have to fluent berries. My blueberry beer I just tried when Tony's clamp shot and not having an 9092 there are all very different somehow bury yet sweet little too much blueberry and summer have a little more of the subtle. You have to know which yes it's true watchers it's one of the main ones that makes the bloggers here I mean that's a primary it's as a person ever so that had buried here but. Actually. I remember axed the first Arab barrier with pat. With a place in Fenway it is right that's definitely part is Boston. The year works all right okay thank you cards I'll I will make fun of myself with this that would admit that I was complete the win I noticed this. I always thought that way and you portable very dear and herb blueberries and afterward the blueberries can tap I swear to god all the size I now getting chocolate milk came from a brown now I think I did it time 888 you know. Actually some like that's for equal the blueberries actually come out of the tap as well Willy Wonka while yet and I yet this out as an adult also when I thought that Obama. I have ever. God bless and Easter bunnies that comes to pass I think it's a common king and integrity. Of the media really does have this magical mystical. I know I can I can via can I say before we wrap up and we're almost out of time we meet rob in the hands here going out tonight to see and beat them are sure theater Constantin mineral laden and we're going to dinner before we don't know where we don't know what we're gonna have. To drink till next week we can you guys now. Comments are true of the moment adventure right and how much did we drink and who was in a pro. And there was no grant and revealed and we know we will be inappropriate rock we found the back to. Now the idea that sister is probably a really good time to say thanks to everybody currently isn't it. It's more again Jason and Rodman. You know if the food and beverage her travel I. You that you haven't you wanna share that was as you can always go to our web site. Magic 1067 dot com or messages on FaceBook and magic 106 point seven. You can also check out our previous podcasts and other podcasts that magic 167 dot com and and until next time and thank you so much for listening.