Episode 11: Fall Getaways

Wednesday, October 18th

Join us as we all share our Fall day trips. Plus Patrick discovers a New York City eatery that’s all about meatballs.


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Boy I should point out dealers. Imagine a six point seven. Nancy quell reared back and ready to highlight some of our favorite things. Food beverage and traveled some of the parent needs to quell that Whitney is rob. There teeth then below. More again I Patrick had those and Patrick. And the travel and men and I know you know. Today we're gonna talk about all day trips and at first a quick update because it's been a couple of weeks since we got together and I think I'd nice that the gluten deny you did yes OK okay there's so many of us yes rim today it's hard to keep. I never easier cam looking anything in our thinking. Maybe misty and they changed the rumor I can't see anybody and yes stuck behind the casino in infants and I'm playing today I came in just so we can do this podcast Sedaris as a cure on the corner yeah. But anyway so we went to see envied. Morgan Robin I mean we really degree time. Constantin mood Nancy almost lost her wallet I'm almost lost him now. It turns out since we were drinking heavily cowboy. Podcast. Out drinking and food we went for it delicious dinner rob always finds it best restaurant has to resume and yet. Still and we get to beat and I pick up tickets to Nancy and her you know to glass of mine today. Like smell all I can speak well it. So while she goes out to the car and we lose hurt even Miller connected iphones in the NH. Rob and I continue drinking now. Naturally incurred come back. So are some Nancy ends up at this seats can't find and I think there are I. I did text I did think I was sitting there but nobody was drinking your drink at the bar at the time. Yes and and gearing up for the next month so what are doing Constantine I know from new York and rock of ages. Comes well like rape of what shell like a Constantin. And recognized me for sending it all up more and gets hot he is still my beer grown up. Are all left out to watch galleria de Leon just comment on him I think that's all that on I think it's pretty close the lead role. Che everybody's watching him don't even have easier stains on certain. If you beat him that's my story and pretty much let never did in May yeah yeah I went in and I think it was the one who is hard cider that was my first time. Trying hard tighter remember we talked you know yeah yes yeah and I would say I probably would get a beer the next time oh yeah. Was the company sold to us this sugar and you know hall moved to yeah I get sunny. Yeah I get a greater one or two but he can't drink six right now is put in thick. And you and robbed a couple of I can feel an app is yelling I am an unfortunate. So let's talk about owed. Autumn day trips and has anybody been on one recently. To review that I went to Vermont's. With my plague is in her facts. I take everywhere we can just click and the hunt if you want to disappoint anybody. So ahem we minute to Woodstock Vermont. It was beautiful it was 77 degrees and my family and we went through this really cool place arm on the way up in had a New Hampshire. A place called in trivial firemen pancake house between those two just about every year now they have the best pancakes. Their own maple fair because it's maple farm rain with. Amazingly so delicious. And then from there we went to Woodstock. And who after room. Canada had at the Woodstock in Bruges beautiful big you know colonial in. And so did the sun seems so weird not to over to be doing that. But we had a great time and then stopped at creek to gorge and the rate at which is has anybody been to critique or not now. That is really that's a sight to see these this this and bridge spanned the coast across escorting you looked down it was a really are again. And you could print you can get vertigo just looking nearly as changing. No no I want to do it. She felt mad at us pretty good driving up going where is some color where the dollar. We never really a loser confused because of them the chronicled them and yeah that's a one of the weathermen I was watching over the weekend said that it's it's. The confusing year for tennis I am a supplement that reference posted on FaceBook too isn't instantly Adam's picture after pills that were blooming. Just about bloom in the first hours around the spray cream there'll be good streak and. They spent via so yes I mean it was pretty green everywhere we look tonight Clinton by by the weekend after Columbus Day. It should be spectacular but it just hasn't he hasn't arrived or it won't it. All the seasons keeps getting pushed back its global economy and such things got a. There we care about how to podcast clothing I. You're right it can ask a question of the pancakes yes but it buttermilk. Yes they were buttermilk pancakes. Just. Credit and huge student at the whole play so few you ordered to pancakes he can finish. Maybe you can. Speak for yourself that I don't know turn out to him. So Patrick Buchanan on the yemen's this past weekend I was traveling for work again we went to use the glamorous city of Secaucus New Jersey. But you know we had some down time and say cock case is actually really close to Manhattan we didn't realize at that time so. On Sunday we were done it three packed out nice and click met up with one of my friends who lives. Actually in New Jersey down chief mothers staying in the guy. I'm just dinner in the city. You know it was nice something different to fill them in talent to yeah first time you pace. No it wasn't my first time I've been there many times solar and it is my friend Katherine. It was her first time Zuckerman who land this trip with me. And she loves to read she loves the cities that we 99. A bookstore which was write off of Broadway spent like an hour excel in man. And afterwards we went to dinner. I'm have you heard of the meatball shot Morgan. Is and you go to New York all the time every yet it's like a change. I. I guess in New York I don't know a lot about it my friend who lives in Jersey told me about it but Hugo. You basically build your own meat balls so you can get veggie. Where. Builds IC pork chicken meatballs. Amp especially on the day it's great Newton get any sort of sauce he got on top of it. It's nice and one of their specials as dessert as well. I you can build your own ice cream cookies and it's all yes so that was nice I got espresso ice cream. With the double chocolate chunk ice cream it is it was delicious. So that was a nice day trip not necessarily follow oriented than the size meatballs nice thing actually sounds really and yet it has to listen. In the post feed you brought that we you've got the I brought the menu yet and it's it's called the menu itself in the restaurant as a white buoyancy to check off Winnetka. And topping line. It's really it's it's different it's unique what did you. I got the veggie meatballs with the pesto cream right yes really really did. You could see this menu and back. I think that's the thing that it's a new over the edge even further and are you gonna do is read the top. Your media vehicles can can I think and we mourn I don't yes eaten it just the fact that it's unique it ball at. I suppose Larry. Like Saturday night on her way we don't know threw out an album waiters and waitresses walk around with shirts on and it just has balls. It is so there's an Egyptian up. Probably wouldn't be so let me bring one back. They have many different locations. And intelligently written strand like you know rape union square and it's like. And going for three innings so much a west side maybe OK I don't know. I don't really know areas into neighborhoods of New York on that while. There's a meatballs and just yeah. But that that's that's that aren't and that kind event at the hands yet that organ for your trip yeah act Thanksgiving. You'll have time involved very TCU heavy stellar. Blacks autumn trip I do a few weeks ago we actually proved to the top of that Washington. I had never done that before so I see on the news all the time the weather station where it's you know minus four degrees up there and at least you know bright sunny down below. And I drove in my vehicles so it was a harassing you get the bumper sticker now I hat you know what I have to bumper sticker they give it to you right wing EU polian through the food that you would actually give it their she'd given the bumper sticker before your car actually drove up there are so in theory you could just pay that would every thirty Reebok's there ago. And they get a virus are committed to strike back how it. It definitely makes you a little bit. Actually do the bumper sticker I'm not gonna put on my car it you have it but can't think of it I don't know where it is now. And yeah I earned that bumper sticker because yours and be driving around I was the one that broke it and you know. I pass it right was terrified. Because I don't know I kind of felt like there cars coming down like it's he was the lead directly in front of me I couldn't look out because I swear my body would also turn if I looked yet. And the pressure you waited you know become zombies are so I could never do so here buying yet to the point that you know might turn the radio down Mike don't talk to mile limit is get to the top of the rebel what you up there it was it was gorgeous I mean and you know were up there as much tour buses up there as well you could see these beautiful. Scenery and this is mountains everywhere people hike as well. Yes a work they're looking in there's these people. I don't. He did it you're not drinking hard cider and also not. I drove this thing in these two she walked. But you know we spent about an hour and a half out there and learn a lot about the top not Washington's weather station. Have on edge and drove down the drive down was a lot easier than drive you know I would I was comfortable with my brakes. I asked of them they refine it as you're driving and you could see out in everything eat and and drug use easily Pickard for review the road and our view. And I was an actually on the drive down. My side of the car was closer to not fallen off the edge so maybe that's why I also felt comfortable. One but boy what a drive and it's gorgeous drive him to New Hampshire we'll citizen the overlap with the other podcasting you do work in. Delivery of the dead. I am convinced that when is on the apocalypse hits. I'm driving north I'm literally going north and going north suggest that you and I can go to Canada together I'm going to Canada gesture New Hampshire into Canada but I it's gonna happen and when it does on that you saw this sound is not in Canada. No I think there I just think that people are more prepared I I think so far but it and it does happen it happens in the fall we'll have a gorgeous drive up as well. And if Athens and Interpol feminine assets then again I think moderate closes IE in a couple weeks. Because it was that it was thirty degrees the wind chill was. Really really cold up top. Be tough tough road applied yet he had. How long does that drive uptake. With the drive to the base and an operative once I got into the day and then to go all the way it's seven miles I believe seven miles and about 20/20 five miles per hour. So I guess you know about 25 minutes or so that if I do the math correctly. Probably didn't but yet it was it was a lot of drive but you know after mile of yours apartments and and the answers six. Long seven miles around you know incredible who surround you. Special on. Getaway. In this past week and I would to Maine new dinner or lunch in Maine I went to a going quit did you come monster I did I sure did I went to a gone quick fast who. Who the stores the restaurants they were all decorated with Sarah. False scare crows and then Halloween type stuff so it was nice the whole town kind of celebrates that. And they have a Christmas festival up there too because Ernie. Advertising that so if you missed. Clearly if you didn't go he mistook him quick fast and not you still have chance to vote for Christmas it's so nice little town in. Who do a nice job. How long does it take to get to complete. Little over a one hour and fifteen Allentown and triple from Austin. Yeah pretty nice not to hire John that close you know and yeah it really yeah. So yeah tons of restaurants there yeah yeah yeah a lot of them they start to close up and is thirty signs and some of them that they closed for the winter but a lot of them stay open interest open. You know less hours and maybe Thursday Friday Saturday tech thing. How barnacle Billy's we went to article clearly had a lobster roll had a little rum punch they're closing next weekend to also we got to just in time. So this coming weekend or it's one half there closing the twentieth and 20 okay so whoever wants to go up he still had time yet still have a week ago can. So that was that was good walked around the shopping and you know it's a it's a fund nature. You know I think even Boston in the item its ninth season and hear so much you can do in especially when the leaves change it if they ever change I mean starting to change here is now they're starting accuracy on the way moment of New Jersey and I was still green may even just a little Woody Allen that was crazy. But we has its girls in the public artists. Agree pleased Boston our ground. Sale and enjoy it on them yeah they are colored. That's right you go up there Saturday and this year and change. The inning and he. He's so did they start the actual you know with. They didn't have anything we went at the end of September you know we in the movies there every Saturday nights now that's right on it to happen. It's at it now absolutely hit it by Constantin. Back in New York he's gonna do enough probably should I. Lay. Next to keep his distance from you for. Or Rico. And that they're pretty. Well I think that's it for today and again though it's a pleasure to be hearing. And podcasting thanks to Morgan and Jason resin Patrick and of course if there's a food beverage or travel traffic that you'd like to tackle. Let us know at magic 1067 dot com. Or on FaceBook it magic one of six point seven I think that's how. We want people to get in touch with the community. Does it in ways to do it. So. Think of another fun topic for the next time we get to innovate in the meantime thanks for joining us.