Episode 12: Cruises

Wednesday, November 22nd

It really is "Bon Voyage" on our podcast this week.  We're talking about cruises!  Hear about the two unique voyages that Jason, Rob and Patrick took a few weeks ago

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Our eyes and saw that team. Imagine a six point seven. Nancy well we're fact and we're talking travel on the envoy action on a petite suite specifically cruises today so welcome. I'm needs to quilt back is Jason and I think you after you've been on a crew yes atlas and Patrick he has an easy. I'll say yes and rob you've been on a cruise and everybody is on a cruise except you ran that we. Can we fix this yeah does your rockers in the same week awesome race. We were yeah there's been an different islands different ships. Did not intersect that well no not at all and European working. Toiling away while you were having fun in the Caribbean was averages 25 degrees that we can we are gone yeah islands tonight and I think I think I've felt in street is. More and soon I didn't. Jason you left it in with 75 here. Yeah I was to tell you I guess you're always so our our sail away it was out of Boston's and we we we took the Norwegian dawn. On their repositioning cruise this year which is when the ship moves from import to another for the seasons though. It was the last sailing out of Boston on and on and it was November 3 and it was 75 degrees in Boston I mean. It was the most gorgeous LA party you can imagine I mean usually you know when you're selling a way of Boston in November. You know you get jackets on your body up people were in the pool in what people are shorts on my it was it was one of those just really warm unseasonable days here. But now is increase LA and you guys away from Florida. Port Canaveral knew about him and it is probably warmed hunter is very warm yet. The shorts and tank top and everybody. So what's different about it repositioning is there anything different that they do on the shift that makes it different so this is my fourth crews used three the bring you back to restart is the first time that did not intentionally. Greatness we booked it this way. The repositioning cruises and apartment voice I had so much fun for you and I never at a loss for Italy so ago of the cold that it happens. The itineraries often a little unique you know so it's not the same Boston to Bermuda or Boston these places. They do every single year they kind of find you know some other islands and you know visit as frequently as they do in fact. Our our our ship visited two of our ports for the first time ever so you know those acts that easy if you see them in my years. Captain's quarters or what have you know a lot and have the plaques on the wall and ship. Goes to the ports inaugural. They present them with a plaque saying you know welcome and reached on her side ever in anti for example. So to ours and our report which was actually pretty cool. But. That's what it's different the second is you're not coming home on that ships to get your way home. You know right cute and it's down their for you out repositioning and you know a lot of times the repositioning cruises are told are longer so the the average age is even older than most cruises and most cruises at an average speeds are relatively old so nicely to. Yes and there are a lot of retirees that that ship there were some people that we found that. We're going back to back cruises you know it's right now and I guess yeah really yeah we deal with for nine days from work as hard enough let rank them like they are gonna get off this cruise ship and on another one yeah. There is a little bit back on non Sunday. Yeah I was there are front right. And we'll get back to little bit more of what you experienced but on the other hand youth to Patrick and rob went on Disney cruise. Now tell me it's it's not just for kids and my right about that. You know what I've been on a day and a handful of times have been. Fortunate enough to do the solid Allen Patrick as he's kind of the first time guy that's who he yeah he thought this was my first cruise after. Madeleine Disney trees so it is. I went and open minded and know what to expect as a little nervous because I get claustrophobic. And small places. But everything about it is I was comfortable. At no given point that I feel like there are too many decades to Manny. People in one place right. You really could just fine years secret spotter a year spot of relaxation anywhere on the boat. They even had an adult area eighteen plus so if you wanted to kind of skate on the Katie pools and can do that. Yeah you don't go there managing it at our whenever sit by the pool. In its it was fabulous kitty the AT and drink on a cruise ship. And I don't think so I don't think it is not on Disney and he thinks out right here. In Disney I've their gun does sneakers they they serve full bar alcoholic it's aria yeah. Now did they have a casino casino a lot of they do not they do not. They don't just feel they have they have stage. You know Broadway type stage yeah they have. You know shopping galleries if you know like every crew signing him more food than you can possibly eat ever unbelievable thing how can I canyon. Debbie but do they desire to me do not have casinos and we have a casino on the yard and we were there pretty much every night. Do you get a real thing I think any guy I got I got sucked into itself isn't. They could get a poker game going that's relative place so it was mostly just by the table games of the slots and you know I'm on a slop person except on his these cruise ship some like act and announced a deal like let's have the slot so it's an ongoing sand gab wants tickets he put a doggy that you're that you put your your money in and when you cash out get a ticket to ticket ticket. Put it in the machine so I got a little lucky like midway through like the third or fourth ethic I won 250 dollars and end up losing all of it well on the body of the cruise but I'd. I didn't lose money on recruit Sykes is goes up the entire time. With my playing and I'm just you know you play that. Penny slots you play forty or fifty lines in his fifty cents Paul but. That's the thing I dislike about the casino on the cruises is that it's a smoking casino. While partially sick but. You know as he walked in there and it smells like those old casino places that when smoking was really allowed indoors that you don't ask Patrick Patterson yes. You know you leave kind of reeking of cigarette smoke and yet written putts there but it was it was fine I mean like we had a good time and in the casino goes Suffolk downs back and today again. That's a belly of the smaller area guy yeah I quite James Bond that night and it Nancy you know I'm convinced of this that the last day on the cruise and don't quote me but on this in anyway I think they set those slot machines. To pay back last. Because you know like random house and find the entire time in that last day it's like nothing was hit at all I don't know analog chain. Why they hate that taking of all it take it at bat like you know what umps are negated a couple of hundred bucks we want that money back and win. Not exactly. Sure I don't gamble yeah Canada and I let not time via. So it's a good thing that you came back with a cold and not like that Norah virus that you can't get on it. No not. Very. You know they want you washing your hands they have the last few watch yet they are. Yeah ring anytime you are towards it anywhere with food or wherever they there's some radio waves yeah and our region it's let's watch literally watch you watch it on the what you see girls who. NBC radio and is it wash URC right when you're about to go and silently at -- that I'm convinced you blamed or a virus on people on the ship we don't blame it on the ship not on the -- million people bring India and add them to young people and people don't wash hands properly but I mean you know the ship I believe in the cruise -- do everything they can't -- known to you know because literally you know every time we walked into a dining area. And you know when asked how was the solution on yours Patrick on unreal Kahne and Tony we. Saw photos yet Maya Patrick played on insert and I post it so much yeah you know and I said this to rob. Countless times the best night. On that ship weighs one of the nice irrational as it went. The nicest one on the boat I think it was Apollo Apollo Apollo. It's Italian. Jerry upscale. To the point where the waiter brings you. Cart full of food and prepares your appetizers. Right now it tables have prepared a plate full of cheese is a huge. You know salami artichokes. Everything you'll find them like ours in antipasto plate. Treats it right in front of you finished with olive oil summing drizzle. Fresh. The bread comes right out of and after that off. Yes it is so so delicious and this is on Disney prison sentence again you are not thinking the united putting together. That's also there's there's two adults only restaurants that want vision of French restaurant called Grammy and then there's hollow which is here tonight and those are those are for eighteen overcast so OK you know it's a chance for the parents to get away and leave their kids at this. Kids club they call that we're making meaning. Take care of them yeah media and do not visit follow me. And it stayed downstairs. Too we also had great food on markers I mean I've this is my fourth cruise with our region every one and the food is always very very good you know it's not just the upscale dining restaurants. In the buffet food was fine as well but we had the lead went to three of the upper tier restaurants because of our. Crews there they allowed us three of them included with that anybody else freestyle guessed it yet stop preseason you can go to whatever restaurant you want wherever you want to whatever time you want it's not a set time. With set. People your dining with you gotta go anywhere that's that some entity. Champion a couple of years ago. So we went to French restaurant call Libby stretch which we go to every time we in a region and it was very it was exactly expect from like a really good upscale French restaurant. We went to one of their new dining concepts called Los Lobos it was a Mexican cantina. It was raid you -- cactus out of Iraq cactus advocate is cactus GAAP what I had this like Hala PO Margarito which was certainly you know very tingling in my in my well under previous ones I actually did have a little bit of Kelsey Kelsey Procter and how he knew how. I think you why you let him Margarita yet so yeah delicious and and we ate at this base come in to airedale which is eighty Brazilian steakhouse and if you know resilient steak houses you know the date they doubt shows come out there with the food on the sword. And they'll keep feeding into your tuner card back over to read you know all the media could imagine him. Are really delicious salad Fey there with soups breads and one on an. You know it was used ethic great ironies here. I had a immigrant and you don't yes yet today behind the scenes tour on this vote the start which we never done before authority rules and they showed us. They need you assessed to the executive chef. The Mets on the people that prepare food down below we met people that work of laundry. They were showing us there were areas. And you know it's all close quarters it's all in the bowels of the ship but. They take such great pride cleanliness. Like they have elevators that only one elevator in the interior elevators when that you room service. We you have food it's being served it can only be one of the two elevators the other ones concern of the dirty elevator it's taking food back off. The decks that goes back downstairs and the please get sanitized. They won't allow you to go on that elevator if you have food your being brought to people I don't know you know so they have separate for preparation areas for their chicken or fish in their beef and lamb has. Cross contaminate those in a separate area is playing vegetables yes ideally what we saw we have three days at sea at the beginning of it so we were sailing down to our first port which hasn't yet. And you know when you're on the boat for three days you know we don't drink so much all they actually have to find something that's just threw him. So I'm gonna fix errors in the aren't sure if I was behind this story as it could it could have been more fun. Well is really cool I remember Curtis and I and even Robert some points we kept. Whenever we walk past an open door and always always peeking into to chide ceiling was in there who isn't what they are doing because there's so many moving parts are you allowed to do. A Patrick do you think Leon could you sit back and just really anyway because Danica. Now see how but he comes together to to sneak such tight quarters works successfully it's. It's fascinating to me you know let's talk about the ports of call that no Disney has the private island which is really kinda cool. They do cast which he had. You know there's there's an adults only beach. Which I believe Patrick visited. Oh here's a water slides for kids. Yours you know. Three year for of course there is where you can eat because much like on the ship date. What you never miss a meal. Big magnet. Yeah so you've got that and then you know this is this worse lights for adults for kids you know you can swim testing race you can go snorkeling you can rent and skis. And this time of year that sounds awful nice when we're getting it was actually quite warm that day yeah it's really Patrick and I and our own math. They'll raise that near the Bahamas or it's it's in the Bahamas right right so team. This cruises only afford 98 it goes out Monday comes back Friday. And you can't just. Too lazy mean a Spinner on the promise you stop and NASA okay. The first day you stop the cast Kia they see in the new combat so it's you know it's short but it's east. Get a good amount right yeah acted amount of time on feel like you've been a way. You know insured Jason at any point on your trees that he feels their crazy you know he's had three days that yeah no no no here here's how we felt so like you know three days at sea was a perfect maritime kind of experienced the vote go to. Help. Go to the spy enjoyed a hot tubs go to some different restaurants the first three days you're all excited to be abdication. You know by the time reach the first four which was antique. We were excited to get off the boat. Now by summaries of third pour it started to kind of feel like work a little bit because. You know all of these ports like. You can't discount the port you know to the sea island he need to go on X Gary have to do excursions yacht excursion that you're gonna say odd that places you know austerity or it was a cruise ports aren't. The perfect places it's not like an idyllic. You know private island. That Disney as I'm sure that when he off the boat it was gorgeous right there right at the bit by design you know we went to antique. Martinique which is part of France. On hand to. You went right after the hurricane we did yeah interesting experience yes yes very so operative really quickly but it Teague a Martinique. Saint Lucia. Saint Kitts and Nevis are nervous that this tickets. Nancy Thomas in the Virgin Islands and that happens and one. The first three islands. There's really no hurricane damage like they were they were fighting back they were accepting refugees from places that don't Mika. That were having a hard time happen but you know the cruise ports themselves weren't that much you know it was really the fact that Weaver you know taking excursion were we saw the entire island. Which I don't recommend it but I will say this and want the fun and at the San Juan. They still have power this has been a couple months later you know. Oh yeah yeah I agree he to me it's amazing emulated the the spirit of the citizens seems like it's still uplifting people are still trying to liberalize. Holes and while I was on generators. Or boarded up. And there are no traffic lights and disorderly people getting off still in going assure yeah yes so so in our region you know we got off the ship then there was a line of taxis where it. We take us where we're going. Need safely drove around the city just gingerly through intersections. You know a lot of cab drivers didn't have power back home. Of the early in their car the scenery but again gaffe which yup they're ready assets in our hotel thankfully I had power but it was sit on the stone a little bit rough time. Well I'll tell you what this was really fast fifteen minutes because you go on and on talking about cruising and I think that we'll have to probably to vote other. Podcast to this. And so I think. Maybe you'll have to go again maybe we just don't get that that type with Chris as always wanted to happen next one ball and I need to go. That's that's at. I definitely I'm there this is the end of his podcast thanks so much it. To chase in and to god and to Patrick thinking. Very much for sharing your experiences and if there's a food beverage your travel topic B you'd like us to tackle he could always let us know. And magic one of 67 dot com or FaceBook and magic one of six point seven thanks for joining us.