Episode 28: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 107

Tuesday, December 12th

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue and Jamie Martel are in studio, and Hish sends in his thoughts on the season finale.  Spoiler alerts, and we're all so sad...we'll be back in February.


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. A podcast for a match I wanna six point seven. Welcome to the living in the game with the emphasis this week and the. Home not clearly not quite to. Mark for our salon would Jamie Morgan and he's choosing Egypt but he sent along his thought. For us to I mean truly even read them he seems so. Angry. Which we can pull out weakest out. I'll highlight there's room for anger with this episode I think I think mark does things angry he age and then you could be Reba exactly. I could breed but a lot of what exist to our nightly arguing with myself I do that all the time anyway yeah and you have to be he wants somebody to read it with conviction and injured a professional in the room. And okay. Two minutes of each is part first or should we do justice due leash but. Not not not a great this is how huge. Described this episode. Darrell got claim killed the doctor shot and the guy now Carl about to die before having sex with the union K stop right there okay. Do you think Darryl Darryl had nothing to do is Karl being bit. Because he got it when he was in the woods fighting with with his G friend yeah you brought that on themselves though he should. I they're really I'll continue with adult I had nothing to do it can change very quickly and killed. Because Daryl Altman he stood up like punch me in. When he is well I deputy Doherty killed Abraham K and it was like OK now I have to kill somebody else could you do that I was confusing Wednesday when his first death. The fake death under the guard notes everyone's faces how house Karl gonna survive this like that I'm Stanley if he does opt out and out. You can't survive that truck by and I am bombing you know you'll never get to have sex with Enid or whoever or anywhere else in making this feature civilization has pretty much doomed because it the only. Kids laughed. Well we don't know that earn only know that country tonight Judith and Henry. They're going to be meetings into the future and OK he's been here. Darrow ruins every. Fifth. Karl our Carol Carol saves Rick again. But very disappointed the donor heart to heart this was Harold Brooks first scene together really since season six. When Carroll left Alexandria major opportunity missed writers dropped ball hard. Don't you think C dropped the ball really hard at this episode with editing because I was really confused like we are tiny line coming ram. And you know hot at me kinda get broken up like Carol is buyers Al and then Jerry in yen it was like an accident I think that Jerry was Iranians to anybody else have a hard time following the time I thought it was good timing wrong but I definitely. I don't know I'm following it was it was hard to follow and I didn't even figure how deceive here's how good how they got to get out frank walkers and for a while it seemed like they were explaining that they didn't even explain it well. And it was like the whole episode was just leading up to one thing at the end and he didn't even care now it was so. Yeah. He shall continue to has he hitched Judith aged. That's true that's what happens to kids on TV but one users one week access lines can lies in the new and you. Maggie still not showing that again true. She's about to have a kid and she looks like she's never been pregnant yet. Curious to Enid went receive that. He killed a tiny town from Oceanside. All right Pete ocean slightly nobody cares. I agree I didn't care I only because they felt I feel really bad Aaron needed because nearly two muscles and now anxious group. They are now hears over and arguing mind other sports Karl man. What Pia. They found a way to make his fifth boring this sucks he deserved better but oh well RI PRO I call this one. And he did in suited you heat to Carla and I called that's not where I'm arguing I'm he says they found a way to make his death Florian I think it's heart wrenching it's heart wrenching this this. Is the moment this is the make or break in it feel like it's the break moment for me almost with the working day in practice and I hate this they shouldn't have done it but. I see you coming at the same time. I don't think it was counting the weight he's dying is boring but the shell this episode was sill line him badly edited and I was struggling through it. That I was just like get two day and it was like the last thirty seconds and it was like. Canada. When you say get to a did you think I'm I'm proud of all time I was like it's Carl because. The letters and then that. Scene of that scene was needs in honor of seeing that scene of the whole show when Ian was just like Carly you serious then when he was like just kill me. That's when I just kinda kept putting it together in my car Allen's calling to and when Carla asks the and is this the way you went yeah you're like yeah that's. Real quick the moment Ellis a best scene of the shot that scene and see now you guys seem like crashed on me again I still felt like something he has something. I don't get that that. Carl's impending death is going to change it Egan it's gonna change Rick it's gonna change the whole shape of the showed commerce and did it bring you back to remember those foreshadowing. Episodes at the beginning in the season and we were all kind of like what is. Brick crying over at a grade and under no Karl home yen well. All of these things in retrospect yes foreshadowing an overshadowing through this whole episode yes but I didn't see it coming all I did an even when Carl was telling wrecked this isn't how we we can't just keep killing people and Aniston. I knew it I did see. After the fight that he had with the walker. That far. And people were saying and it was kind of agreeing how to get out of that now. Carolina I think maybe he got it and as a that was the only foreshadowing I had during this whole episode I was in did you notice like when he was in the house writing letters he was planning this wedding hall episodes I watch my husband has like. He eat there is with just like ranking he's gonna get sweaty and wet all the time I kept the dining. And extract yes all that all of that team and. Tournaments that I now attempted bomber. He got fired like backfired but told he was being written off the show two weeks before his birthday. And they had basically told him he was on for another three years and if I guess if you follow the comic book Scarlett flight. The future yeah Howell Ian it's like in the future in the comics or he doesn't die. Maybe it's not gonna die you know we noticed you asked to die if he doesn't I am out I promise you well not much easier to. If you believe talking did afterwards and if you believe the interview it's been in a couple of press up with Karl. He's dead and he's going to be out after the next episode pulled the mid season premiere is I think February 25 and talking instead they were gonna have Harlem style via. There's no reason he's he's done unless. You're putting up such a smokescreen and I wouldn't put that past them either. To be putting up such is wearing my aid in and unless they find a cure danger. Oh you know even now it turns out that Carl is immune and Alan makes goes off to be studied in that fixes all of civilization because now he's found the cure may make vaccine out of his blood from ever wrong. Unless it's a teams sequence and I really real quick I am and now okay you know where is he should Baxter's got time he's going to be our next peach. Rick's plan was good. But shooting Darryl should have been a. Part of it. It's its final fifty thinks Darrow ruins everything and anything he thinks that Darren Keller who kidnapping carols as girlfriend we can talk about it now could be at a and M I'll I. He loves down yet. Ari well I would be very upset if Terrell I mean two I would be less upset of stereo typing Karl dying still. Girls key key element of the show was the only animals that's it that's out left Darrell K Ireland wreck right. Am original art and members Morgan I'm gonna argue with little kid when you say Carl was an important. Vital element of the show. It was a moral compass and its trek he was a moral compass for Rick QB that for sure but since. I don't know that the purposes season five or so he really hasn't done much. If he had this whole war he'd been off protecting Alexander we NC Alexandria and Alexander got blown up and so it really do much as far as that goes he hasn't done much all season. And if you look at last season he didn't do much last season neither right but he's a story line because yes he's that good moral compass direct and also for me in. And so we're gonna lose that he's important he's important Terry you belittle him as he goes. He's going to make the difference in the show that is that us. That's could be a great element and a change in the show a change for the better. Because Rick is gonna become more human and more optimistic and thinks life is not gonna get angry. When and everything you can't crash it be angry too but I think he's gonna remember what Karl was trying to sandy or four right. By the end things that's gonna become part of Rick that we missed that in recent years America's made some really bad mistakes right and they've all been. Warlike. Each piece below look and the scavengers abandoned brick once again show. Everywhere acts I'm Democrats can G-8 is being dirty girl. You know I won this after and one of sculpt you naked length how people dimensional. Anyway. I've done the scavengers yet you can just go with the master. Teamsters. In conclusion it. Rick's plan fails. You know. But it Carol I'm Morgan need to save the kingdom will work in safety keel. Do you heat locked himself standing carelessly. I was surprised that from CQ can lead to ten that was going to be show how would have been okay me yeah the supposed to Karl achievements are. Yeah and the kingdom news to announce Andrea is blown up now there. I knew Alexander and god bums me out its price I love it when Maggie shot the savior cute just me. All of it places to live our ninth and then they get blown out so they have to get out accidentally oh. If you go even he noticed is that well it could use those solar panels and put the. I have to move on from the Egan they've got deacons couldn't go two and got him second round. And I I'm not sick of them but they got to move on the stick greener pastures or maybe. And now Dwight has no choice by the way to go with them that was it scenes and when I was pretty good. MacKey is beast. This is he speaking again. Mbeki is a beast and is now the scariest person Alicia I think he was that. I think he is the scariest person of the jokes that may be for need to. And even needed at such a soft side. Enid I like my knee being you know that and Aaron RF scale ocean side. Good job Eugene Gabriel. Yeah that once and Carl's gonna die. Once we got past authority but it's true. Episode he's OK he's wraps it up here the opposite it to be but Carl dying is though worse and should of been Darryl but thankfully no Carol. Let's TO so itself how Rick wins this. What the F now only the aero Carol and Rick are left from season one. And Morgan. And Morgan is you found rats in conclusion. Guy yet. Yeah I get this episode like. It would be plus cost of Karl dying or Karl. Getting ready to dive ways. Shocking but. Extremely effective feeling I was the only really good story line and yes just way to many story lines going on out at that brought it up from my seat plus. The whole episode was like Manning and all this does it below another tree down man we're gonna go into them and part of these next eight and it's going to be the same as the first artist he's. What about the creeping close up and you genes face and he's like passes. And it seemed when he wakes up turn in a slight on looking at it taking a shot just puts it on his creepy. These are creating dance my angst. Now. Anyway I guess that's an until February everything's gonna happen next and Carl why you're nine in the grant sat in what is the story line for this Sadiq. Because it kind alike look to him like yeah. With this there are lining something happened to him and didn't she know that Carlin bit. Can she looks like she did when her and re locked up to it why did you know I did tyranny she did know did chino from earlier is that why she was trying to find wreck. Member she wouldn't leave she would go down in the sailor do you think Carl hold her or she just. You should do naturally to him the end she kind of friendly like I was think back to those episodes of the key and guys who it hit us now I think she might and known and that's why she needed to find wreckage was so upset when she was killing now locker. When wreck found there so I think she sell outs that. She she could if need to find Britain because Alex enters the cheapest well angry she kept chopping up that locker and I was like selling around and I think it's cashing. And Alexander V industry. But things can kind of be replace yeah I mean they've had to move on a bunch of times right. But they could and Alexander for how long for years something like them a long time Carl. A horrible car anyway I think that's the way to end the tank car. And that's the living in that did with the emphasis on the ten. Back in February.