Episode 9: Travel Nightmares

Thursday, September 21st

On our latest podcast, Nancy and friends re-live some travel nightmares, including a hurricane, an Oktoberfest pickpocket, a nauseating bus ride, and a cruise to somewhere, Jason just doesn't know where yet.


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Boy I should point out dealer. Imagine a six points and Nancy cool well welcome to bluntly icing on the that he and lakes at phone. Do they can fill people's implement petite thing I think it's perhaps stick it. Tomato they the podcasts that's another favorite things food beverage traveling here definitely gonna talk about travel. This has been a nightmare travel a couple of weeks for a lot of people because. Whether it's so that's definitely the focus of this podcast this time I'm here. We've run welcome and thank you and Jason go back. And Patrick has Lou great to be here nine Nancy crew. So let's. Deep dive right into this. I was gonna talk about my traveling near Ben did right apply to it's he can read more about them. And so I just briefly talked about it because I think everybody's heard so many times in public and tired to hear you never now. But when you're traveling to a place and you know there's a hurricane in the area and he spent your whole vacation. Just waiting for to ride it and fine now and that's basically what happened in Newington to Bradenton. Couple of weeks ago and we had a lovely time up until Wednesday Wednesday he noticed that. Hurricane German with. Coming closer and closer to Florida thought it was gonna hit the East Coast but ended up I Wednesday looking like it was gonna head. Toward the West Coast of the threat which is where we where. And we had to make a decision with Christine ago and wheat settled we'd like to go so we copier lines he said you're not going anyway because for Saddam. All the flights booked up through Saturday and everybody's calling. Nina everybody's been calling. Fans. You're scheduled to leave on Sunday vote were closing the year presents and so he went flying out you're standing stressed stinking and Leo yeah you can slam Monday night or Tuesday nine Fisher and focus on Monday and sure enough. Did the deal later. That was canceled and then Tuesday night was canceled and Aoki were stuck here. We go to the supermarket get the modern flash like course in how was was water available. Well in limited quantities depending on what time you land and we were able to get a couple of binding did you X. Variance. You know 42 dollars. Now the extortion 42 got a taste of water that people would see his yeah and I think yes or no luckily it was just it it. Dollar it's nice to see that not everybody was doing and not everybody was doing it in Danny amazingly it's no gaffe. Because we want to caste lines right did you gas up in time because I know he's saying you eventually laugh yeah that traffic yes we had gassed up earlier in the week because he had a card. And didn't think anything of it we just so what we should have to test in the car but we decided not to drive right into its hand Saturday. Things were looking more ominous. And even though we were gonna ride it out our neighbors can read some you know wouldn't leave kinds says it's coming right over us 140 miles an hour so Roger and here. How close to the water that poured into just a few miles from the water is that there's actually a date or time. Console today which is an inlet in some yes that. The storm surge was big issues to view race and so we you know better not the car first of all if there was the storms it's like they said. Would not survive and says he's surprised her husband and secure hundred yeah. Saturday we did get in the car and we did drive with everybody else. Took us many many hours to get to George and we do get to Georgia. Stayed in Atlanta and thank you to American Airlines because they didn't leave. The fees for me to fly home from Atlanta to Boston I was very loud scream. Even the trip insurance so is this your car that's down there yet we have a car it's down great hair and down we always keep it down there so. We wanted to make sure that that was safe is it in Georgia now you're which in Cincinnati. How did it why not strip but. Planes trains and automobiles so after I got on the plane and a husband continue to Cincinnati are his relatives and it's okay if he's to get the actors have him drive back to India. That's my story pretty much in in Los you're looking had the car is Brenda cars rather difficult to come by two day where oh yeah definitely key and nine gas and oh yeah sure and when we were driving out with that we are full tank you concede signs no gassed in gas the and he was it scary very scary and but at the end of the day year your home there's OK go home is fine it's eight it was built after a lot of these codes for hurricane zone. It was solid windows with state and and actually the storm. Kind of went a little too not to go to the east so we didn't get the projected. Which was good so bring me back well that's nice story about EU bow to eighth inning he interest yet. Well it it's actually coming up we have a cruise booked it's a repositioning careers out of Boston. And exposed to notice and bonds was to leave in early November so today as recording this science and one has no power they discussed it. 50 latest hurricane. So Malia Maria yet the report the ports of call for this crew is as of now in this is going to change our. Saint Thomas newest version I'll post here so I don't think that's gonna happen in saint Maarten and that's gonna happen. Antigua which is where everyone from Barbuda went to after that island got destroyed. Saint kits which I don't know how they're doing with this Turkey haven't heard on now yeah I had suggested OK after Irma. Torch hole I think you know after term so it's still this commentary and it's in one which has no power so right you know I'm on this cruise board and I'm also on this cruise group in FaceBook in just there's lots of chatter about the concern about the people down there obviously of people curious as to what's gonna happen on the ship but that the ship itself. Hasn't made any determination notice probably you know we yesterday in this that you know you're on an itinerary that's probably going to be changing will probably don't have league semi in the last thing that you know week if everyone does have power homes he has of this is really a problem that is very low on the totem Paula mean if the ship leaves slate will be on him live one on minister. It was summer fun little similar designs chips are finding themselves Pacific Ocean you've got to make think of Bermuda I mean who actually it is and this it's in a region crews and the last Bermuda cruises the previous weeks or thinking need to put us extend. The Chrissie sees a couple weeks or so but I don't know what they do in terms of term team docs out in Bermuda but. Had a lot of question marks so it could just be a cruise that spins around Cape Cod and you know yeah. Allows us to gamble more four miles offshore for nine days. Yeah hurricane Jose's doing that right now she's been here doing not much of anything like thank goodness for us right now right. Well good again thank you nailed it you know accrues to sum it cruised to some inexperienced mr. cruise. Patrick. You know moments not weather related more financially. Which is like. Really that like strikes accord anemic comes to travelling like to know where my money's coming in spending it on. Most recently I was in and we're not most recently there recently I was in Atlanta. February traveling. I woke up. To me an email from my bank saying uh oh there's really unusual activity in your bank account coming from Portland Oregon. That's very scary immediately aegis like OK what is this I logged on. On to my bank account online in my entire balance was just completely withdrawn as I mean there's not a lot of them it was. But whatever let's Giuliani gets Claudia do right. Mind yes when logged on. They were immediately reversed which is BS whenever I travel. I sat travel notices with my bank so they know where I am forward to the lines actively some moral of this story Ali's trial on places. Before and you even if it's like. New Hampshire for him and sometimes I at least two outside the US and never thought to do it in the US. Yet again and I don't know what would have happened I didn't attach a notice before Atlanta Georgia. Intro you know absolutely. And then you had another I mean he knew we were yet. This is. A few years ago back in 2014. I'm studying abroad in Florence and you know to fall semester obviously and then go to Munich for October fest force. On his end of the festival. You know how to decide to get my last minutes hostage in Germany and he is how it's gonna. Last minute items. Literally I and I'm walking out of the fast. I stopped to get my sausage whatever that things are big news in both hands. Once you know walking out. I check my pocket. While it's gone for quality is just gone out of pocket. Yes I had to deal with a missing IG credit card had night school ID in the disclose abroad and it was it was a mass it's a few weeks without a credit card access to money euro's dizzy letting anything that they take any money from you I never found it. Alan but I mean I canceled my cards immediately you know having to add cash to do it yet your. You at this stuff. I have a shots. Most important tire guys. I'm happy copier TI apparently that I'll find them on the. Aftermath and its couple Patrick instead of Saturday night less than mine and so out of the stories which one which was worse. October fest goers are Korea via pressure a lot more about there. Prepare and Robby probably have some sad stories to. Sad yeah it hate it is that there aren't that hostage still I have no sausage stories now. I have a boss story. Ooh. Taking a bus to a resort in Saint Lucia. From the airport and you know we waited and waited and waited for them to feel this boss you're sitting you know. The airport waiting for that. And they finally feels about us now. Then you know you're on your way you're going to restore which is about ninety minutes almost two hours. And we end this you know wonderful buster but he did know how to work air conditioning. And I think it just didn't work. Gap so. You know they had some water on the on the bus but that turn out to be warm water balloons and yeah it's very refreshing and not really so. You know we drove for awhile and then you know you're going through the mountains and up the bumpy roads you know trying to not to had goats and things. It and one by one each person on the bus turned a little bit more balloon loans. And I this count now all know we we we ended up at a lovely overlook. But everybody was in the bush is throwing upside to those. Oh yeah it was lovely until we get there. Mean it's really appreciate its so that in you know nonetheless their products and other boss it took about another 45 minutes. Yet and you improperly when he needs sausages during the year at that point we know now and we had just arrived so viewers you know. What's an eight we got that the worst part of the trip on the way up from. What was the gospel. It was was it was I have actually have a personal space story also which I've just kind of remembered only edit personal pay it's faith that that's one of the jealous of the travel so much that you're you're so close to people Korea yet so frequently. In fact a you know I just an estimate the job whispers. But I'm years ago when he's travel a lot for work I got operator line on airlines armor one time I was fortunate cannot create and I sat down the person's next smelled so bad though so bad that actually legit. Talked to the pledge has said you know it kind of sit back to my original Selig I don't mind after she didn't know why. It actually had to say like I I'm not those here in the whole you know flight. And you know that was first class whose first class the person who is yes just I I don't know if they hadn't showered that we usually don't think you people don't say the first class is well. Sometimes brutal to him. Sometimes the rich guys to Albania to remember what's his name there's been famous. In the on the airlines. The united DiCaprio plays in an attitude. At least now that somebody I can't think of his name I'm gonna have to go you don't think gives a big amount of people that are listening from yet. It was in the news recently and has had yes each agent at a later age news here is Howard Howard Hughes. Remember he. Was not. You while you look at oyster Kenya. This is going can't go wrong. That I. One last cruise ships are not trying to make it is just as quick as possible is actually my very first scorers. And it was that a New York to Bermuda. Around 1990. And I was traveling family was Corey a wonderful time you know my whole life. Wanted to go on cruise finally did and it was straight until the last day in it started to turn dark Weaver. You know out at sea heading back to New York. Started to turn dark about 10 o'clock in the morning waves to Scott Baker. And in this guy got darker and the waves ended up being about thirty feet. And they were coming over the deck all did did the lounge chairs for washing into the ocean we were one watching all this happen. The crews trying to secure them and eventually the weight started to Kim in the mean for your. And there was water flowing down the session and into the elevators it yet China was by them. You know there's a lot of salt team's last six people on them vote to at least two. Had these experiences I do and and you one would think I'd never get on a cruise after that you know I probably on an eighteen Marceau. I guess the lesson of that story is still at the first one scary you because. I've never experienced that. Again. And. I will hope we guides notes should travel with Robin cruises now that is you know all his outlook was of course right at the beginning that's right. Smooth sailing ever since that's right gosh I wish we could talk about the Smart because in the morning I'm sure we could share. But we've run out of time and it's been great you are here again. To think about our next podcast is getting into phone now and anything we can come up with some interesting. IDs about to fall experiences hopefully it will not about sick people all. Or. You know pick pocketing thoughts or hurricanes rape a thank you for joining us for for employers to benefit Tina if you want to hear anymore of our podcast is the magic one of success from dot com. You can messages on FaceBook to that magic one of six point seven with any ideas you might have and maybe some of your own crazy stories of traveling CN next time.