Everyone IS Going On Vacation But Kendra!

Wednesday, January 31st


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I can't wait to say one reason I'm not gonna 6 point 7 good morning very chilly outside happy when State's David O'Leary who tabbed as your candor too. You look at changed person I now who who are you. Well it's a completely different I mean now well first of golf. Yesterday as you know I just fasting so I was very grumpy today and eating so I'm not grumpy how far. The best part about today for me is that I booked. My winter vacation. You take a winter vacation every year my outlook on life science has been turnaround. I am a changed person. I had now have something to look forward to I'll be in Florida for a few days of my daughter I am so Alex Jones I'm I'm excited for you yeah from the minute I walked in the door you bright and sunny hot where you have not only. Happy for you and yours and your daughter. You try to talk everybody you see into booking would have vacations you've been. What's the first thing I said T today we got Washington she gonna booked us today yes exactly and you've been nonstop about it I said book a vacation today because it dies it's like I'll aside and you don't have the winter doldrums and Mario like I hope. I'm gonna be going away here so what. For small its Q I'm just curious to me why you're going your husband you guys took a trip over. We just too good trip together he can't take the same Taft I'm I'm stuck with this specific week because as you know my daughters in college so she has a certain week off in March in and my husband can't happens to activity that we can. And she actually said she wanted to go away with me with you 21 on one incredible my teenage daughter kids come back to get weird for awhile but they come back when the minute she said she wanted to spend more than a second with me I. To track I was like. It. I think there's definitely something to be said for. And you did it right it's coupled. Months down the road and done you've got a couple months to look forward to right so yeah I think it's an honor them storm clouds start forming yacht that we got that trip coming up on March. Must be nice to be the jovial let me just tell you why your bathing in the sun with the clear blue ocean and that your feet on the sand and other thuggery and hopefully I won't be up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers screaming children half thank you very hot Kendrick has a decidedly different story to tell. Yeah I'm sorry that you're just the thing is your kids are younger and older car owner you're just peculiar few years behind us when you know. I can diapers are in the rear view mirror for us I can only dream of the clear blue ocean in an umbrella in my drink it's just it's in my dream every night. The current line got some pictures on the travel magazine and yet on the free and check out. I look forward to you'll get just don't look forward to for a little longer than suit us pursue its two months for you can go into an. It really picked it is funny.