Everyone Is Irish

Friday, March 16th


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Saint Patrick's. Don't screw with the parade in Boston. Well the mayor shorten the route because it was so much snow we figured he was doing everybody a service by making it shorter safer he said he had a lot of snow to remove beating up there and didn't time. But organizers of the operator of sad they say that now that it looks like it's getting nicer rallies just keeps the root as it is. You know keep their Rick the original length but I think. The mayor was kind of right to do it because this a lot of snow and driving in Boston in going there aren't regular day when it's sunny and had indeed he is tough to find parking to walk in the side but how. I imagine what south he looks like right now one. Why isn't always a thing I don't know that's I guess someone of Irish American you know I'm an earlier I like it that the Irish thing aged kids have a parades will speak fun. Nobody fight with somebody else about who can be any new champion we want this where now we want it that way closed at saying right it is always a thing with this parade is no free that I ever hear about. People conflicting arguing about always this funny and I believe my Irish nominal gross attrition. And by the way it's flu. I'm so on the fence about Saint Patrick's Day it happens to be for saw happens in my daughter's birthday in my car we've done and and me of Ryan O'Leary always around people that their days in advance. And since in better shape isn't measured it is amazing birthday in my house awesome but people jump on. Everybody jumps on the green beer the shamrock shakes everybody's Irish had this thing can I am Irish I am my daughter Patricia green white day school I mean I'm. She's Greek and Italian and Lebanese and he wins. Irish people you could think of it she's got that glittery shamrock headband everything but. It's a Saint Patrick's Day everybody sort of is Irish everybody joins in wears the green and it becomes the big thing. Like you telling me earlier in the week it's not like that in Ireland not only yup it's much more it's a little more for religious holiday it's much more of a sort of is somber in the Summers in the right where it's it's not quite up this year bar crawls of pancakes and eggs enough. I don't don't Wear orange by the way at and it's not saint patty's day in saint Patrick's now I am data against myself but that. Now so just so we're culturally appropriate it's frightening morning imagine now right right right now and according to cabbage thing is so funny because I am so not an Irish food eater I like you know memoir meant trainee in style foods but. Cabbage sometimes it's just so stinky. You Ohio for an afterthought. Everything that's an ice tea now boil them taste and I love all of us. And so whatever you're doing for a Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow bureau chief about a hope you enjoy to.