Facebook Rolls Out New "Snooze" Feature

Wednesday, December 20th

A new Facebook feature will allow you to temporarily "mute" those pesky people who may post a little bit too often. The "snooze" button will appear beside the friend's name, and when selected, will silence people for 30 days before returning to normal.


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So David there's a new snooze feature on FaceBook you have some borderline annoying friends who I know quite worthy of unplanned England who doesn't yeah. You can temporarily. Silenced them I think this is pretty cool a snooze button on your timeline will actually enable you. To un follows someone but just for a short time their updates will disappear. And then reappear automatically after thirty days like that I am not so cool also if you wanna take a break from me you know serial soapy takers the brag errors the political grandstanding or suppose so yes you just hit snooze and it's a little timeout it's a good thing FaceBook time yeah Hussein like that goes settle the stairs for thirty didn't. Thirty days I should say yeah.