Fathers Day

Friday, June 15th


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More magic didn't secure is off today Patrick covering. How others saying it's here here can I expect it's gonna happen. I feel like fathers. Don't get as much as not are still like mothers on Mother's Day. We get spied gazing jewelry and perfume and all kinds of things and I feel like to had generally get like there. Patriots boxer shorts or something you know they get their stuff that you get. I'm gonna agree with you a gaffe that he you asked me yesterday the day before and they because you are thinking about what to get Tom or maybe you just sort of wondering relic is Father's Day suited does that get. That's short shrift at the right thing does postcards and definitely recognized but. Isn't there like a stereotype of blank. Grill tools and cookie brands are some things in the it's less it's different for dozens for most definitely I just feel like for dad. It's a little more of a full a forced holiday where dad and I are right dad here's your tired your shirt and down. He shares your grills factual you do you know I talked to the girls feel beauty of girls to make sure and make sure it's published in the east and especially the data yeah. I can breakfast or some analysts yeah they're pretty good about it I'll say you know I mean and they have to with their own money get him a little something doesn't have to be expensive but just that they thought of him out and got him a little something. I think and you'll be something like that in my house didn't find. Yeah I don't know if. And to thank you data names like the buyers it really high. Now yeah no I don't have IX and the other way it's not like there's it's crushing disappointment that I didn't get you know a new plasma screen TV or something for Father's Day at sort of fruit just isn't there only are my kids it's great to have morale when they're around it almost it's. I think this. Honestly fun being on should be nice to have like a little bit of time with them act but only if they're into it. That's the thing is they're not into it just forced her exactly yes if it the whole thing like hey everybody let's have a lunch together on their own phones there's. Very honored their knowledge and they're looking at the time like how long before I can bolt dot I hear about with my friends because this thing is the kids especially our kids eight sweetly teenagers and kids that are older that they don't they wanted to be different and I get that I didn't wanna be with my parents when I was their age either but. Yeah like a cat it's Father's Day we're gonna have dinner together and they're like on our own little. And what's my play on making that occur. I cannot let my wife now a little bit maybe she can convey to the kids is definitely your and it must carry into when I wouldn't even force it just feel like whatever take care. You know. Ugly tie in combat jet lag any time that slippers and decide where to go out and mobile wallet for a little while. What's what's Father's Day and hold for six point 793116. Am going to get your dad. Some of those planning your father is this your comments about it. We love you can pay almost impossible for us from an important match.