Favorite Meteorologists in the Boston Snow Storms

Tuesday, March 13th


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Winter Olympics just wrapped up you know. Two weeks ago at this this storm. Is the Olympics for local TV weather people. He now island every Chen at the storm comes they're out there they're making a snowball shown you that consistency they got the ruler of swats the guy had a snowball yeah me it's unbelievable and is this going to be the biggest one they said that we've had so far this and the worst one. Our worst is a funny thinking because it's I'm thinking the when the other the on the one last week was bad because of power right but it wasn't as much snow we're going to be pretty and more snow on. I just. And and you said that shares yesterday and I remember the look on your face when they said it was going to be a foot of snow in Boston and then they raise it to a foot and a half yet and they said. If anything. If you're wrong about anything it will be that the totals are gonna go up to I have yet to low that the going to be more and that's exactly what's happened is this can be two feet of snow on the ground in some spots wanna talk about it you know I I do have a house to sell that I need to have clean in this isn't. It's Hoosier go to TV TV weather person because it's a very personal thing. I love Barry Burbank and like tie England and area harder like people like an old school yes. I like watching and there are there eat they get right to the plane stayed out Eaton of the don't have an annoying voice and you know they never have. Something odd on their person that I yours got alien guy go. Onion in two men I. I you know what it's just because they're all they happen to be on whenever I have to TV on at home I never happened to see female but like Cindy. Ellison zone analysts Indian channel 5 in the morning and Daniel Daniel miles or later chant and. Let's show. I tend to look more like Hulu these earrings and necklace thing kicks and I watch them and they like here's the thing I just wanna know how bad is it gonna be now or even in the summertime he's going to be super hot is going to be Q whatever it is. When they get into the thing with ice or Barnes and the pressure and high in the low and all that stuff. I'm watching and I can see them doing this is what's happening and why it's happening and no idea what they're saying you know I was looking for that nap with they've got like those. That color grade with like that six to ten mean she is or two are twelve to 24 and trolleys looking up or eye and then like. He's Hee-Won please anyone or was the worst of it no we're not a got bigger really move on you know things I don't think this on I don't know if we'll be endorsed it looks like more self doubt hit worsen along the snow is is gonna come down the but the worst of it's not here just yet over the next couple or isn't it wouldn't will be.