Fitting Room Apologies

Wednesday, June 13th


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Why this is so it's. Cool all of we got a pair of tickets for you to go see on the movie high fidelity John Cusack movie. I'll go see high fidelity and like watch it with John Q sacked at the Wang we got those coming up for you and just a second or first. It's morning magic with Chris Su and Kendrick do you rationalize with your dressing room attendant when you go shopping for clothes. Kazaa Kendry before you came in this morning sued or those who walked in and she was she's wearing I'm like a blazer that slicked up prints and I was like I really light your blazer and she was like oh my god thank you. I don't know just when you stood up just nice and I like that it's a lovely print it's it's like you know what's funny about this sure I got I guess doesn't care catering outlets trying on clothes and banana republic and I was trying to step out of my comfort zone present always wearing like black and gray and navy blue and hasn't this is kind of a while trick for me so I was really nervous and look like I was conflicted Jimmy Buffett concert in. And thank god Chris is like now it I really like. I said that that I was talking about the fitting room when you go to fitting rooms now and I was like. Why do you feel the need at least I do what I come out of the fitting room to tell the attendance. Why I'm not taking sir yeah. ST I do I like these they weren't these didn't shot and I can't you know sorry this happened how. All knowing I'll try I don't want to know anything like it's it's like if you put light look. And I'll just lay it out on the truth and be vulnerable here right place sometimes that you go and especially like when you're Jeanne shopping and you violate you'll you'll get like five pairs of jeans right and you're just like. All right one of these is kind of sit back and you get America off five or just you feel like a sausage casings right at data that you eat it your muffin top gone on. And did you block out did you tell wanna buy a house with. And he does not always not find an antique Dotson then you walk out instead of just giving them back because in my head I'm thinking like. Oh she's gonna think you know this whale didn't fit into these genes right. What went actually at hair like why do we feel like an. We have to give them reason I know I don't know I haven't quite committed to these I should just say like you know what they're a little. They're a little tired I need to lay off the car set up you know. Oh yeah don't care what you're taking are not taking the clothing they're just standing there like what do you. Watts like what I have to put it back and I always feel bad. They're probably thinking just please take them also I don't have to restock them again right here you don't fit them just take out you know I think I think I mean just big Mac to the track. You know it's it's missing is this kind of goes back to what we were just talking about about. Twenty minutes ago announced talking about how I painted a wall yeah and all I noticed with flaws right and I walked and then. In my husband came on many subtle long is that there's an awful but it looks great because you just. We assess over our own flaws and again Enron had so when you're in addressing her name and you think that this. Person who works there who probably gonna forget you're even there in five minutes. You think their lights you and there are assessing over your flaws right right so you get on your head and you're just. When it it's just it's just shirts I know just a pair pants and you just go for whatever reason you don't wanna see Disco nom they're just put it back but you have to. No I played and I always say like oh here you go I'm not gonna take any no luck today. That's ever gap known today. Yeah how many times do you think they hear that. All it's a blouse not a lottery tickets you know I mean I know like today and are all speaking of lots let's get today it's all right we got a pair of tickets we'd go to a lot of conversation with John Cusack. Still you'll go watch the movie high fidelity. And then after that he'll come out on stage and take questions from the audience that's happening on Saturday night June 23 at the box and Wang theatre all you've got to do is enter a John Cusack trivia question and Kendra I know your favorite term movie is that when in his movies is America's sweethearts right. All right so. He tunnel let's be honest has to love interest in the movie Eric yet John Cusack. And Catherine Zeta-Jones he's got another love interest in the movie spoiler alert he just doesn't know it yet. What actress plays that bother love interest r.s 617931106. Several get the answering your weather forecast next.