Food in Sink

Tuesday, June 19th


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Why it's your who's ready Michael loser and I got alright. Half eaten bowl of buffalo chicken dance. I completely eaten bowl of salsa. Six. Cops with. Lemonade half drunken numb. A spoon with cheese. Stuck to it didn't move its own it's things your kids have left in the think yeah. There are 500 that you are current concern. Could you never know what you're gonna walk into a near yeah when he blocking when your kids. Your kids are home my kids are home you wind up in the morning what is in you think. If I may it's not just if it's when I wake up in the morning it's welcome back in the afternoon that's when connecting to even have become one of these people yeah I mean you can. You know this about me I I think like I know I cleaned the sink and worked on the counter every time I leave the room cracked yeah and gas everything goes in the dishwasher and I'll turn my back for a second. And they'll be like more. And yeah act do you get beat. DT cop with the tea bags stuck to decide like now because David sent the greatest picture and I saved because it was the greatest photo of all time it was like. And dried up bowl of oatmeal on the back of a toilet seat and I saved it for ever and I sent it to my parents and has like. I'm so sorry. I think if you consider I don't think I could say it's just like can I probably to have done common among worked as a I've done rumor you just leave them. And under the deal on the back of the toilet it's the greatest photo that you know out and know that that being everything that I definitely yeah. The kids especially when that they don't think about delivering food ball everywhere and my daughter at the bachelorette it has been on every Monday night's bachelorette and I don't know if this is a thing in other people's houses but there's a bachelorette party every week they'll come over want to show every single week and we hosted last night and some I got sick we have a few friends over in a few friends ended up to be owing invited thirteen and he. I was like almost a hunch. And then becomes the we had will be high sweet ice cream we eat pizza rolls. We had bottle he for a while and a whole season and figure he goes up in the the LA also had the baking sheet to wit the pizza roll debris stuck to it on crested or don't even to the hot water and a little bit. Don't like to sell you are funny and I'll. Don't know why but I at least partly the water and he tried. And this morning as like what is that smell went out to my kitchen. That's a role like the smell of rotting in buffalo chicken dip because not only she stuck everything in the sink to didn't even read talk deal food for so it's crusted over and smelling. Yeah and directly gag right now the theory that Alison it's grabs. And about the worst thing. And it misses are a constant thing with me is the peanut butter spoon some for some reason they'll be looking jar you know we've TARP independent cabinet and somebody like supported on Apple's which is great outtakes and Milton Spooner they'll put NA small little glass bowl but the way too much more than they need and then they'll put it on Apple's and then we'll put the ball with peanut butter and it. Yes bill with being with honor and just insane. Yes we have the same thing that would bananas my kids put peanut butter and bananas same exact thing and they leave big chunks of peanut butter on the spur of the senators that. If they do if in the rare instances they put something in the dish. Wash are loaded with peanut butter it's never gonna explode with peanut butter and it sounds like we're complaining when not because I'm happy I am hoping for half. Yeah yeah. I am happy that they're they're cooking they're doing something to kind of you know their own. You know sustenance they're making their own food and good but I don't know what they need and how it in the sinking your house. Or near the cynical on the back of the television. It benefits them and they. Some of the what's the strangest thing is you've found in the strangest plays out in. Would love to hear about this. Magic 106 point seven.