French Fries Can Help Baldness

Wednesday, February 7th


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So people don't do anything to stop the inevitable hair loss that comes with aging or what have I told you that McDonald's french fries could help prevent hairline. And from my hope it's the well there's a new study out that says one of the ingredients in the Fries it's a chemical they mixed with vegetable oil. Has been links that to the generation of new hair follicles. Soon to be cleared there's no evidence yet. At a regular diet of McDonald's Fries will stop baldness it's just to action for now that they've made no cause and effect. They need to do further studies but still there's a glimmer of hope. The French Fries could grow hair. Stock can stop me all your warnings are not gonna stop me from bill giving you could double batch. We'll catch you to talk what's better than McDonald's Fries and I'm ready I was I might as preventative it's what do you look at holidays so yummy thank you.