Thursday, June 21st


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Officially summer. We trusted in the summer six cents or about two minutes three minutes in the summertime and we are 607 it officially kicked off here we are and its two days the longest day the other. Yes the most sunshine attack and it I think he doesn't get dark Thomas 830 which is so awesome and I don't feel any different China it's a 61 degrees we get started bench once exports and suspect sutures had the story if you missed it is pretty cool it was Bill Gates and went to the people are involved in this company to make. Bob pro news like this in him the stuff that always seems to go back in our house too soon we throw everything early cucumber not fool soft squishy. To make that stuff last a little bit longer in the refrigerator and guts of an eye down the rabbit hole of who's in charge of marshalling from one goes where in the refrigerator at home. There are under in the lives of refrigerated. And food because I mile and I Fiona who cares my kids don't care my husband doesn't care there's an empty space they shot and they don't have everything else to the back. And I have a whole system like the milk and all of that stuff goes on one shelf and you know the leftovers on another shout younger and all that stuff goes on another shelf things that we used most often go to the front up. They don't care I'm with you and it and sang in our house and every once in while somebody will make. A pan of some thing or a a batch of something that's got to be only a bigger plate or Pam Anderson and that's in and everything has yet moved and that's just mayhem because nobody can find anything in the refrigerator and my kids will even take like I'll have a rotisserie chicken in the refrigerator and they'll take a full size dinner plates with something on. Now it's not covered dinner plate and it's not Tupperware just like follow me here adjusted dinner plate with random stuff on it. And balance it on top of the union backers and our host on top of the rotisserie chicken like the tip of the chicken. And there are days and it just it just done a silly gallon may be years yeah. Analysis of data so it comes off the side because determine what about who's in child who's the sheriff of getting rid of stuff that's on the expiration date I'm gonna guess that's you may yeah. I'm an X and kind of an expiration date snobs. Even my neighbors and my friends like sue if it says sell buy in your eggs to say sell by June 21 you can use the eggs June 20 sat Yemen is that they approaches you like their throw throw it out yet. I might go a day or two but then I start to get panicky house just throw my way and that's probably wasteful but yeah I'm I'm pretty much the sheriff there of the refrigerator and my house and the pantries and. I think that's that's I think I'm I think my wife might have movement she's got certain interest certain best practices shouldn't. To you know to to do for the refrigerator but I think over element to the person who's in charge of get rid of this get rid of that and condensing numbering system and make a little bit to remove the French totally I do that too I night and I also do it it. It it coincides with. Garbage pickup day so Friday mornings is when are garbage. Pick up there is that so on Thursday nights when you go through there I go through I'm the only one who does it but I go through and get rid of all the awful yeah booed every single week. I am a little bit crazy about it. It's it's it's a job that needs to be done that thankless it is saying much and all it takes is giraffes on the globe goes to have the refrigerator I mean. It doesn't take long for you go hey there's something in the that's got to be thrown out many a pull everything you know so it's yeah it's important work yes. Who handles it that your house 617931106. And can we do a rush hour rant about yeah. Morning how last what are your biggest like refrigerator pet peeves what are your rules rules of the road so when's the last time it went horribly wrong yeah we'd like to hear about the 617 and three when moments except for magic.