Getting Compliments From Strangers

Thursday, July 19th


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Yeah absolutely true. Kind words from a perfect stranger can really can turn your day around goes along way take Najibullah six Clinton going to exist. In the yeah. Yeah. He air. Yeah and I find they're. I don't like hare hare I had like Jack take away eighteen. I'm very light out. Or an error error. They act it is apple ain't. Right you can turn their whole day around see you do that even to strangers walk up to strangers. Yeah. Like. Yeah yeah. I like it here to eat your cake and you but I'll bet yeah. Yeah the surprise of it when it's unexpected that's the best part of it you can tell you turn somebody's day around completely. Wouldn't take things that thank you so much yeah something's this high magic business. I'm good Nancy how are you know what a lovely voice you have Nancy. K I. I don't have to worry about having captured while my that it might ranking. Litre V8 by eight yeah. So real watching Obama and it will be that it would look like I think I blocked by a grand guy and made bit. I did I want to thank you noted. Yeah I love her and yeah it. Where I was gonna say is if you know maybe the guy knew you wore her sister and maybe he didn't write but still to say it it's a really nice thing to have to. It makes you feel like you know you your you look young and attractive and that's what we want. Craig well. And a certain that we lack of effect it's still made my day and I expect my daughter tree in. I totally I also have been flying an eighteen year old and she'd be the same way she like. But when you're my age you're like I'll take any compliment I can yes that's right it drains the navy expert Colin wonderful you made our day. Yeah. We usually don't assign homework on the on the morning magic prevented your home or treat your sinus it's something nice to a perfect stranger because it'll make them feel amazing turn of you feel pretty good about it afterward to yeah.