Going to the Movies in the Heat

Monday, June 18th


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Get your hot weather problems. Yeah. Got this incredible still go to the movies showing at the cute movie you and its. Yeah I love going to Lipsky needle a sweater it's so cruel client sitting there chomping Alain your popcorn and we went so Incredibles on. Saturday night it was also. And you know what it was crowded whether it was like a record breaking we can for the movie but if you're on the right hitter you go during the day event that you can avoid the kids to. They say that Clinton and I don't would you define a time when you get in there and it would be crazy about it. I know V good did that today for sure my daughter also went to see you and she's in college and she loved it she said she'd see it again and she was like it was fantastic. You're gonna bring your kids to see of course I'll be there for sure and yeah probably this weekend. With little kids you must. You either spend about seventy dollars and snacks were you must. Come in with snack bars and things like that likely won't see edit it down. IAEA learned from my mother thinks Tina. To make the popcorn at home. Put it in a little zip lock bag fees and my mom used to put him in the older popcorn bags at the paper. Popcorn bags that have the little popcorn pictures on the outside and she took the little zip lock bag inside in rural not put him in a person to juice boxes for me and I'd rather. Couple little folding napkins and you think you guys like candy although you know should go to market basket or grad the end stocks in junior has for a dollar. Fifty days as kids learn never to give it away never say anything about it while you're in line I don't know that. No man not she'd church. She should always be shifting us because we always wanted it like already as a walking in the. My wrist the deuce box which. We don't begins right now we do we get it I still do it I'm a full fledged adult obviously and I still sneaks a can now popcorn but I'll sneak like a lot of violent because of water bottle at the movies like I had my dollars yeah. Unlike the net so and I don't want like a giant vat of Coke so. I'll buy like a small popcorn and then I just have a water in my purse has. How easy it is expensive right I mean we I don't to have snatched my wife always says I was a popcorn and something that the that the movies but you don't walk away from the counter without spending. 1518. Dollars just to defer to people. So I am right or right idea keep my family to its home expensive I'm not been and then on a water I did find it place though in Portsmouth that sells beer. Let's hope not otherwise I move. An obstacle to that. The place down in data that does not there's a few small and those are usually less of the ought to plex is you know that it only two different theaters usually goes in the one or two small community theaters that have those. You know what that those plays might spend money because first of all it's not just. You know dumb dumb deserved no Doug yeah you know. Things like that. The food is a little bit better sometime you pastry cup cakes brownies and things. You gotta gotta gotta you made that shows you can get all that stuff chicken fingers and you can actually get a beer or wine glass of wine and examine. I'm like why. OK okay yeah. Morning magic by the way is not sponsored by KM foods including get.