Going To The Royal Wedding

Monday, May 14th


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Absolutely beside itself because the royal wedding is this weekend on we're looking for Europe remarkable wedding stories. I'm actually calling about going to the well I don't eat. And it eighth of an up and carry it while it. You can go hey Wayne I. It's our oil when. England and we're gonna. I only want to be the only way I could and the only time I met Kate and William because. I just kidding about both of you mechanic got. So when you're gonna crash the royal weddings what you're saying. Actually know right now and lodge and hard for you only god. IQ let me let you know what might yeah. So I write me not only wish Harry Harry and I and other. I can't get back argument say it marry an act. Sounds pretty good to me. Have you always been obsessed with the royals like me. That I barely I would figure they'll deny it can't hurt me well why don't blacks have. And all I always thought in carrying out. Well if you get close to that you need to cause we're gonna take on your number you need to be our correspondent in London. Are. All right this is this is like you brush with greatness someone's gonna crash the royal wedding I know and we really did take on number oh no she's yeah how us.