Golden Girls Hot Sauce Exists

Wednesday, February 21st


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So did if you David if you wanna thank someone for being a friend now I can give them some golden girl love with hot sauce inspired by our favorite Miami friends call girls talked so she tax. There's peace spicy for Bea Arthur is Dougherty character or there's desert rose for Betty White to Alter ego Sicilian fire for Sophia. Neither one named hot stuff. I'm substituting stuff for the real world word and stuff how hot. Stuff. Done for the Mohammed did. Runs it but he's definitely got a hug is okay. Out of that it is super hot name for room McClellan spicy character blanch they're sold 84 pack of course she got to keep the girls together I get an idea. I was not a big fan of the go I just wasn't a fan of the show the first time Amazon. I missed it but no I'm Bob Orr now you can see the golden girls like somewhere in the world that anytime day or night it's always playing somewhere it is such a good show Kendrick watches it day and night day and I realize how how if I knew it was you know and yeah does that little naughty. While not a very snotty and I bet you white is public like she's not. Just one of the best shows on TV now watch it everyday kind of stuff is just it's just funny when it's come Manama an old person's content when he blatantly but he writes the emphasis on that a little bit dirty ethernet yeah.