Googling Yourself

Tuesday, April 24th


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We're down there all folks we've never come back. Good morning guys that we we we found this article about how important is to Google yourself before you applied would do for a job which just makes sense yeah employers well Google video and I'll take a look at what comes to see what's out there yeah I forgot about that. Yes all of us go build ourselves it's so funny what comes out disconnect between images in the wet stuff that will minus relatively easy because there's a guy named David O'Leary who is a soccer coach in England news and given understand kind of a big deal so he gets all the Google. I don't know if you do David O'Leary because before he comes up one before me that. An outrage I. I don't know it's funny when I go to tag UN things and FaceBook keeps his eye. I always have to hit it always select that guy I have to go back and and take I have to monitor the that's what goes on at either oppose our men. Everett got a good and a couple page men attacked and find me on Twitter and stuff like that but soon tab. And Charlie. Because your name is more unique I think they've middle there's got to come back and some tablet. Comes up with all kinds of good things and including an image with me John Kaczynski which makes me really happy to eat solid you forgot that you took a picture mountain ski but it was a long time ago that I did yeah might come up with like my linked to end my magic bio might. FaceBook might Twitter and then a bunch of images and pictures your candor in baby. House floor and can you tell me the origin of that photo. I think we got it from from one of our PR friends I think we got espy day I think it was that before like the bad mom's movie or something it was something odd day I don't know what it was but I'd like to be heard. In our white robe. And taken inside the attitude you can yeah I now I don't know why I don't know why. Anything bad show up in your Google search I. Think so because I'm always I am always careful I think what they take pictures to put that images up. But some things I'd like to maybe forget in my past it. Nothing I don't think anything really bad now I'm looking at my I don't see anything I mean I see pictures that I don't think island good in but I but nothing that would be. Like I deal breaker after an employer let her attic let you know you look at times describes against Daschle's Jackson yeah oh yeah there's plenty of thousands. And I was trying to remembered don't you know don't swear don't post anything that could come back and haunt you like a bad poster bad. You know Tweeter anything yet so I don't know they might be before like I got a job Zabian college I don't know. I'd have to go back down to luck thought question. Is there any way when you build yourself and say like the images come up and now I clicked on images and I'm looking all of them is there any way to remove forget that you know well that are changed the order of whatever we can't correct and find it that you can't really Kazaa a you can go to that. Library where it's like trying to you know yeah we just you can find the source of that you don't know that that's the only source of yes so you had no control over what comes up. He's tenor of things we tell our kids to remind them I mean it's. Stay there for ever look at our hand and today yup.