Grocery Bags

Thursday, July 12th


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650 almost impossible question is just minutes away but first here on morning magic with Chris see you and candor. Do you think you'll suffer from bag rage. I here's a bag rages has nothing to do with purses. And has more to do with go to the grocery store so in Australia they have now outlawed. Single use plastic bags or those like real thin plastic bags that you get when you go to aggression star. Which on on the surface I think it's probably a good idea because anytime you look like how many don't we've all seen it come up on our FaceBook mean what like. What the oceans looked like you can see late. Animals tangle that's the animals tangles and and and I that this is a terrible image and whatever but might be you know like dead birds and dead animals and just just islands of plastic and and there are I was on the side of the highway they're just sort of Franzen. And does so they've banned them route and but now people are having a bad grades and they go to the grocery store because they're saying well you know. Today you can't take a plastic I don't know that I sent this. I. The British Australia I am now so when I got to bring some levity the conversation yeah that's good so anyway some people are getting bad break. And I was just asking Suh I was saying you know like I feel like it's just a habit thing right they. Once we all get into the habit of just bringing those reusable bags the storm won't be so bad it's just. It's making the transition because. I always have them like I haven't a set of light part of like ten reusable bags yes but I keep and you the pantry or the back of the car but I just. Every time we go to the grocery strike. I forgot about tonight I get the paperback but how are you with yeah I mom my town. Already on banned the small plastic bags and that's why like I had to get used to bringing their reusable bags because if you don't have your reason bags should get a free paper bag or you have to pay ten cents per bag for like that were so reusable. Plastic I mean I'm different plastic heavier I'm OK without a doubt it because they think it forces us to. Yeah it's inconvenient and you might get a little bit a bag rage not when used to I feel like once you get used to it it's really not going to be a big deal candor is giving us the. No I don't because Kenya so what can I started talking about like so do you do reusable bags. Paper bags or plastic bags and candor looks at us and goes that bags and I always ask for box is the real big. And why I'm not crazy people ask for boxes with their groceries I never heard of that I've never seen anybody. Yeah boxes like you just have your groceries loose in a box and one ox. I have been going to the grocery store my whole life. It's and the entire time I've never been behind someone in line who is either when they go paper blasting out actually could I have a box. Every time I every time I mean he only won maybe at the be all the phone lines are light not candor and those that are now on the sarcastic. I'm not. But when I won my big box is awfully heavy you have all your groceries for a weakened one giant Bobby looks visually too it's usually one big and in one small like that. To the Poland spring boxes that are still have that slit in the middle to him yeah. So I'm behind you when line. I have to wait I was hitting the Bagger now to go find the appropriate sized boxes for you or play tellem what size they want Billick I want that big one right and over and they they put it right in the carton that feeling it did I'm not the only one who gets boxes when your grocery shopping. Think I learned I don't think the phones are still not ringing I thought I'd. I didn't sue and I told her heard of it still and I both had used boxes at the liquor store. Doesn't mean that's just you know and I try to persons. You put all your Chardonnay in there and and they don't offer this. Breaks right at the grocery store I think your hard pressed to find some phones are still not ready but we shall. Saying all right next game with a possible fisons is next.