Gronk and Brady Coming Back or Not

Tuesday, April 24th


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She's something on the on the Internet and you'll laugh at it and you have to that's not funny. What about the grunting and there's been a couple of instances of Ron being rock especially in the last couple days about laughed out of this gritty feel funny and then I go oh wait wait what he's too yes fans are getting a little ticked off now right yeah. I yeah I thought it was just mis match when a six foot seven Morton has returned to. Our our resident picture takes we know she's an extra line. Because of the giant kept tattoo on her to play. Two pictures sent to know I just want to outline just giant patriot I'm glad I packed the patriots are at least bury the classic channel playing out with children those ridiculous but I'm getting the sense that. First of all Tom Brady let's set that aside for just sentencing in plays or not gonna play. LeBron is he gonna play Xena can play he's not only not committing in you can walk we through this he's not only not committing to not playing he's kind of doing it. He's taunting the one about like your motor cross things to do lose your engines and. You know saying he's I was gonna goof he's always been like that it hit any of a football player that you don't want them to be but he always has been that I don't know I don't think he's. I think he's come back I think he's doing that is believed to be silly and I think they'll say you know I'm real I'm missing my body I'm not I'm gonna go have some fun idea you don't think he's good. You're gonna come back to football he's not like out of fur trader more money or anything can happen. I don't think I think he's done I agree I think and I think that heat I mean he's had like a lot of surgeries gets injured on the timing gets injured all the time and he's a young guy I think and he and he's got a lot of opportunities available to him like reality TV show he is doing and this and that. I think that she's a lured by the I I think he's he's I think he's gone what about that they. Cheshire but the money thing because now he makes a lot of money you only Tom Brady money is he is in its walking away from a lot of money if he walks away from football. Yeah but I think I think what him and Tom radio doing this is just my theory by the way I think they're doing this because. Everybody knows that the patriots are ten to not pay their players like other teams don't have those big paychecks I Ginny drop below got like. Hundred something million that patriots never do that I don't think. They're doing this to shell like well yeah not gonna pay me I'm not gonna tell you that I'm playing or not I think. I think they are they would Rocco I should actually be shown up Belichick and mothers yet as you know there's something between ballot check out now and now yeah. I that's exactly he said and I think it's about checks and and is that what's gone on that with Tom Brady to yes. I think it's a challenge it's not that the that TB twelve thing I think that hasn't been doing that but it's Brady's way of saying okay. You think you're more important than may wash Odeo and that you think brings coming back to the patriots who. I don't know no I don't know radio comebacks I ground panel thinks sounds and welcome back I'm coming back on my terms. Didn't may be that's more of the Brady thought I think back in the movies turn that leaves another handsome always rallied around these two and this is the first time that I can ever remember that fans are like come mind yet I grow up to me like I tell us what. Why you're coming you're not coming out. Like just just say the right even even Brady's agent is saying not he's gonna play to as mid forties but they're not not paying for what they patriots right. And I'm sort of now myself seeing light come on like the fans have been with you. For years. Sitting out in the cold stands cheering you on my new honestly you couldn't ask for more loyal fans of patriots fans and so now they're feeling a little bit yeah. Stuff all you gotta do is say the word just tell us what you gonna do yet and it does seem like a lot to ask we'll throw up on FaceBook you can weigh. If you like almost impossible question for India's next 640 beautiful. And that's a bonus from seven.