Hannah Finn Interview

Thursday, March 29th


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Good morning and welcome to exceptional and on magic 106 point seven crime scene tab and I'm excited to bring you I young exceptional woman. Who is my guest today she's just fifteen years old she's in and over high school sophomore who is giving back in some very big ways. Hanna in is with us this morning to talk about her charitable initiative. It is called the one witch project. Their mission making birthday sweeter for children living in homeless shelters. Hi and I icing thinking so much for me think you for being here this is really exciting and love having younger women on the show you guys bring such a unique perspective. And I wanna talk about. Your one witch project you say that when you're growing up you were always made to feel really special on your birthday. Is that why you chose to give this gift to other kids. Yes I am definitely growing up. My family always celebrated our birthdays it was always so special. And I made the one witch project because I want it and carry over and specialness and happiness to the children you. Might be able to get a birthday cake and presents on their birthdays and I just wanted them to feel the same happiness that I do on my part and and you you you give this sort of joy to these kids who are living in some difficult circumstances there are homeless shelters a lot of them are living under. Some financial strain. How do you find who it is that you're going to give this this gift of this special birthday to. Correct so I am I partnered with my first Shelton the Lazarus house I knew about them from many different things social media. Eye on things like that hands. They have I am many kids at their shelters and they give me the list part is they have. Every month. And so I can plant now and who'd the birthdays are and I know who and the kids are that I am going to be servicing them month. And they felt little survey of the things they like I was gonna say that because you customize every celebration and for that child I signed your website and mentioning the website is one witch project that you asked I asked her. If people wanna check it out and you have a little gallery of photos and I see that every birthday is not the scene and that's wonderful because every kid is not the same. And you make cakes ice not Elmo OK it's in frozen means and all kinds of things so you really make this about that particular. It's correct yes I wanted to definitely unique it's that they can feel that special. And it just like I do on my part and I want them to have a special birthday. I'm so tight it was like created a I am a survey indicates that you know their favorite cake flavor if they want cake or cupcakes and I put down and a question that says what presence would you like to receive plan. In that they fill out the survey and they give it back to me so I can really customize and make these children happy and get them almost everything it. That is so awesome now I want talk a little bit about. How you find the time to do is because as I mentioned you're fifteen. And it's pretty spectacular a fifteen year old in today's world you have a lot going on your sophomore in high school so you've got homework you've got. You're probably starting to think about the college search how do you balance all that fine time. To do this this project because I can imagine that kind of time consuming rights. I don't have a lot of you know early tips and tricks that I do. I do make a lot of cakes have a time day or very well frozen component in the freezer yup and so it's it definitely helps Dan and I also have a clue about flights at high school on the help me. Figure out like fundraising and they help me make cake sometimes on and things like that. So it's definitely. And some can actually be a little tricky and isles on the part time job. On earth Esterline in my town you do I do know you're busy Laney and then on this year has also the manager of my high school gymnastics team. You know that. A bit of an over achiever here. I could definitely there's a lot that's going on. They said it's. I do a lot of speaking in freezing cake. It's easy to when I'm in kind of money. Easy time. Brian Sarah yeah I yeah I can just. You know to picnics and start making them and that cakes is a good fit for you because you love to bake ever since you were young is that right so it was kind of a nice. It made sense that you're doing I figured I would take on what my hobbies which was speaking of too big for so long. Man in turn it into something right and help others and give act to meet kids you know really. And it just feels so good because you must mean it's nice when year donating to charity but you don't actually see. That that money working you don't see the look and somebody's face and they receive something that you get to actually experiencing it. Up close and personal when you're doing the day you see the joy that you bring. On these kids' faces what does that what does that mean to you. Right so on so one of our shelters on I don't get to see kids that you have on the policy where. They would prefer different just dropped off the cake a pact which is totally fine. The other sheltered. I gets you go in and I get to see the kids. Of course at their home from school Catholic or around 3 o'clock and when they're all coming home from school. If they're there they come down. I am I get to give them the cake sometimes they blow out candles and helped them open their presents. I'm so it's definitely exciting to see it's very rewarding to me because I know. On how happy it makes them. So I am I have a quick little story and I just had a recent drop off. And the boy he was turning I think sick a cat and am I went in there and he opened his. President's am it was like let go all the things he liked and his mom was standing there. On and and once he finished opening his presence the mom looked at me and she gave me a huge hug. And she was like thank you so much and you know it's very. Heartwarming for me because I realize it's not really. Just the children it's also I'm also affecting the parents who are. Not of been able to do something like so it's definitely really such a great feeling. And there's nothing. Better for a parent and I am because I I am a parent. Vince seeing the joy in your kid's face you know and then knowing that their feeling. Recognized and valued and that's so important. If you're just tuning in you are listening to exceptional women on magic 106 point sad then I am talking to Hannah and she is a sophomore and over high school she's talking to us. About her one wish project I wanna get right back to our conversation. Let's talk a little bit about money because it takes money in order to do you do you have to buy gifts you have to by ingredients to make cakes. Talk a little bit about how you fund raise. Yes so I am as a set I did start a club am I high school it's definitely huge. Fundraising club they help me think of ideas to fund raise. Emmy definitely have a lot of fun thinking of ideas on. And things like that so. I am yeah that's definitely a big aspect of the fundraising. The community is just so generous. About you know helping me to give these kids. Happiness and joy so they're so I'm really grateful for all the donations and getting from the community. We also have a lot of toys in our. On basement we have like a we call it a little Toys 'R' Us Toys 'R' Us annex. So a lot of people have donated toys that really helps in terms of fundraising and getting. The supplies we need because of course they're all homemade cakes I need. And I'm always continues eating you know flowers are the basic ingredients. So in terms of fund raising the community is really generous and very helpful when it comes to that I know you Bossidy and raffles in the past which is really cool and it's a great way easy way to to make money as well writes on. It was. Last November I believe on I was attending a show room and we were getting off. And I am raffle tickets we are selling about forty items. And we sold over 600 tickets the house where five dollars each. I'm so that was really great in terms of fundraising we got some really great donations. I'm it's really Greek exit spread the word. Which is definitely really important that was definitely hopeful. You also have an Amazon wish list I saw that which is cool such an easy way you know everybody knows how to using Amazon and such an easy way for people to quickly. Buys something. For a child so do you put up specific things on Amazon wishlists that the kids that you're preparing to do Britain for have asked for. Yes actually every time we get the list. And birthdays for that month from the different shelters. I'm we read over the list and we put stuff in and it's on wishlists. That the kids like a cat when people do by the things that goes toward the kids for that month. Which is really great because it's. I'm hopeful because if we don't of the things that are double plays there at eight. Really agree on how people can just go online on Amazon just. By those things and becomes its Austin right entry it's perfect. Now can you leverage social media as well as a way to spread the word to have a FaceBook page yes we do have a FaceBook page we have over 700 friends smile which is really agree. And people have been liking and sharing the page it's definitely helps to spread the word of course on Syria that's very. Billick and hint it's helpful I'm sure. I just attacked you about the partnerships. You said that wanna your partnerships is the Lazarus house which is I believe in markets right yeah yeah. Are you looking to partner with other shelters as well yes so I am we have actually three shelters that serve fifty kids approximately. Year rounds are other shelter is also in Lawrence public costs and leave a Vietnam. In Regis recently partnered with the third child to the Merrimack house it's in Lowell so we have about three shelters and we're definitely looking to expand. Overtime. We still trying to. Get more on donations. Continuously still getting supplies and things like that we can definitely expand to another shall there. What what is spend the most challenging. Part of of this initiative for you is it finding the time is it. Is it. Is hard sometimes to form an emotional bond with some of these kids and you're sort of popping into their life for just today what's what's been kind of difficult for you. So I would say the most difficult part for me is just going into the shelter and seeing these kids to. Although I can't put myself in their situation. It's it's sad to me because. They don't have. Necessarily. They I cannot put myself in the situation that there and you know right they're sharing a home they're sharing. A bathroom their runs and it's just. I go into the shelter and I try to give them. So much happiness and joy and I can tell. How happy they get when I come in when I first started out the shelters no one really knew who I was. They kind of just Nunez you know the girl that comes in the decay can present the facts and so now every time I go and they all swarm around me Billick. All whose strict isn't unlike pavlik the lava cake and I put it on the table on there also excited and then like on her days and sucked in currency. So it's really exciting and I just love making the kids so happy especially when there and such a difficult situations that stuff me so rewarding. So tell me what your role models have and I know your mom is here with you today as we do this interview and I'm sure you've gotten some family encouragement help may be some encouragement from teachers. How has that played. Right so. Definitely I am seeing how people react to my organization is just really agree on. I had one of my teachers. In that class actually pulled out when my newspaper articles and to think. Here I'm giving you an extra copy congratulation. That's so cool out I was really gain it's it's cruel it's it's really. You know really nice when people. You know me I was actually. Out canning from my high school at sixteen raising money. It's and keep them you know some nice women came to me and they like from the one of us like. Becoming a local celebrity who aren't. So it's really cool I love when people know who I am because it really says you know how much word spreading in people now you know what I did it's at eight. If you just waking been tuning and you are listening to magic when a six point seven exceptional women program I'm your host seat tab and a very special. Very young exceptional woman in in house today her name is Hannah fan she is a sophomore in over high school. And she's the founder of the one who wish project let's get back to our conversation. I wanna talk a little bit about an award and began and I your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You aren't getting the youth hero award at the American Red Cross. Breakfast which is it's coming up I am see every year so I know what a big deal that says. For people who don't know this is an annual events and it's it draws hundreds and hundreds of people only a very select few get recognized. Only one mute hero a year. And New York it's that's pretty amazing. Yeah I was it was stuffed me such a shock. My high school principal actually he called me down to his office and he told me about. Hoya won the sorority and I was so shocked and never heard about this. Youth hero award before so it's really cool. That someone had nominated me for something some type of recognition recognition like this. I'm so it was definitely it's such a cruel experience to hear that on someone has really noticed. My efforts and has put them into. Something where I can you know. Be rewarded for. Act and how it helps spread awareness because more people you know it. People will be there who have never heard of York. When witch project and they're gonna say that and they're gonna you know the cap and try to find out more about it so it's a wonderful way for you. To spread awareness and maybe drama more interests may be partnerships there's a lot of corporations there. There are a lot of pretty influential people that attend breakfast. That may want a partner help out sponsor. To really good opportunity that's pretty. Are you. Really looking forward to in your family members that will be there to see you get the award. I do yes a lot of my family on is actually going to be an ethnic. My whole table all of Clark relate to the table. It's it's a client a lot definitely coming to the part its I'm really excited. So tell a little bit about what you hope. To do in the future with this how you wanna grow it will you be able to keep it up what when you go off to college in a couple of years what are your ideas in terms of a growth. Yes in terms of. College. Of course we're still thinking about that. As a very now I'm just really hoping to expand to more shelters. In the future I'll definitely be eating volunteers and things like that. I am for so that I can expand and to get more children and from different shelters. I am when I go off to college I'm just hoping that it can carry on I really would like to see it grow and so yes that's definitely. A big I'm really excited for. What the future's gonna hold you know I am not really shore I'm so as of right now we're just hoping to expand to get the word. It's just amazing I mean I I I think about fifteen year olds and and and all the things that. That people say about kids and oh they spent too much time on their phones and here you are pouncing all of this it's it's it's an am amazing if you must be really proud your mom is your mom are you proud. I can see her beaming nobody can see yes but I explain two years from one mom two in either. That model is beaming she's smiling from your year did you charitable. I guess here on. You always seem like you'd always knew in your heart and it going on community service and giving back to the community. Was a big priority where you got that problem is that just the way you're brought race. My mom always told us she told my Brothers how and where. That list do community service and give back on the so. She helped me think of this idea she was like you know take your hobbies what you're interested in. And she's like you to news that help other people. And says she's she's my big. My biggest supporter and cheerleader into it if you can't put on it see how is hoping I'll be making a cake and she's like. What do you need what you needed to news days she's so helpful and she definitely taught me. On how important it is to get involved communities. And it sounds too that she encouraged UTU. Just go for instead of just talking about because at a lot of kids would talk about doing great things and they have really good intentions but. To take another step further and actually put that into action pacs acute it. And to follow through is a whole different thing and a lot of times union at some encouragement to say. Let's do some absolutely and that's wonderful that you have that kind of support. They just so much for being without state party at a time see how fast. And for young woman I have to say you're very poised. And and you're just a joy to Buick so thank you for taking time out I know you probably were really sad to miss classes to and a thank you so much for having me again your charitable initiative is called B one wish project dedicated to providing a special birthday celebration for children. Living in homeless shelters you have already made such a huge impact on so many. If people wanna get more info it's one wish project dot U asks he and a thin you're truly exceptional thank you for spending some time with us today. And congratulations. On your Red Cross youth hero award I'll be there to congratulate you in person they Q so let's end. I think has been in the spotlight today and exceptional women on magic when a six point seven NC tab and I want to remind you that exceptional women are everywhere. We interview celebrities and authors and CEOs but we also interview teens. And neighbors and co workers who are quietly giving back in making a difference out in their communities. Thank you to my producer Kendrick attorney and all of you for listening today have a great Sunday.