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Wednesday, January 17th


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I'll tell him in a world where we can agree on how to properly load the dishwasher and men can agree on the optimum setting the terms that any one room and our house and there is something we can agree on. We all bit Hewlett. Totally we policy or live many many more happy birthday anyway. 96 foot. Today 86 years old I just a caption was born in 1922 who like wow and she still looks great she's still a working actress. She is awesome I don't know a single person who doesn't love her I think beyond still looks great she's never been. More vital than she's high. Hotter than you know she she really she should commercials and on TP everybody wants interviewer she's really the last couple years have been very very good debate like. Chino what I love about her the most is she's so authentic and real I mean she doesn't act her age which I love. I mean she says really inappropriate things which I think it's hilarious. She's whiny can she talks about like her bad habits she eats junk food all the time Schwartzel little blue. You know I mean look whenever she's on yeah. Awards show or even on a talk show she's sort of plays up the fact that she's an older you know more mature woman of certain age but still like to look at the guys you know or whatever even goes because little dirty at that are. I was yadier while accepting you don't know what's gonna come out of her mouth like I love when when she's interviewed you see whoever interviewing or talking to her to adjust our. Well beyond that well there is like taking a back a little bit official always liked something and that I'd really unexpected and something that wouldn't come out of ninety something year old man. But I love to that she said I love I'm. I live on hot dogs and vodka and I was like you are my caddie got voted in 96. You can take away their vodka you know I don't worry it's just heard a grandmother and older relatives like that where I mean Michael's friend for example my grandmother who's who passed away a few years ago but she was on in years he smoked chesterfield. Yes like who's gonna take them away from where I'm not. Try something years old you're gonna tell you get back to make a Cape Cod at the right. That an outlet and jitters that are cigarettes for an -- and my grandmother wasn't a drinker but she was odd she loved had a sweet tooth she never made any regular food and her later years she only eight like cookies index high in khakis if we camera like golf course she'd estate junk all the talk and god love Betty White mini yeah. I'm happy returns in 96 years old I am now happy birthday Betty I feel we're gonna put something on the fiscal fiscal two Snickers commercial occur commercial on Yang and post that on Ireland and some of her finest work in the Snickers commercial they've got to throw it up and that's FaceBook page and have a look. I almost impossible question is next most news in the morning. Magic 106 points or.