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Monday, March 12th


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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women and magic when a six point seven we are so excited to be talking this morning. Within incredibly talented actor considered to be one of the greatest of her time. It is Academy Award winning actress dame Helen nearing who stars in the new movie they'll leisure seeker alongside Donald Sutherland. We're fortunate to be talking with Helen this morning to get a little sneak peek into what we can expect to see good morning Allan. I am so good and we are so excited to get a chance to talk to you today. But first I have to say the Oscars loved seeing you at the Oscar time and a ticket. The gag the jet ski I have to say it very well played. Yeah but it's funny I think places that haven't been to get the but yet there was nobody it was you can move to even side in the and you know I have a hunt game fretted that. I know that's. Thing about you you're such a good sport and I Jimmy Kimmel did a really great job I thought he did. OJ did in the and it and it's very tricky in the typical. Situation at the turn could have been seriously wrong. Patent I I took his right passes for it. You know cliche in the policy he's incredible as possible commitment. And I think that he did really well. You're of course an Oscar winner yourself what's nite light talent does it feel different when you're nominated vs when you can just go and have fun in support other actors yeah. Completely different it's completely different much have to say much more fondly not. Because inevitably it. It's fine if you're nominated. And you app that he's been that you've got a chance of winning. Because pump me up in you know a couple of times. In that you aptly seen you know the way to that such a successful. And then it you know ill ill. In the things celebrated as intently and have to be of those. It's kind of the way he's if you might. Not shall you might you might know. As that that's difficult because venues. You know. You kind of want to win and you kind of don't want to win it you know is not quite sure opposite to. Says that that's the most difficult as they have asking. Speaking of movies you have a new one coming out it's called the leisure seeker. I love the story line of this six follows an aging Koppel there on their last sort of her rob the last road trip to gather. They're dealing though with the realities of illness and memory loss and I watched an interview. That you did recently in you described it as a journey in maintaining dignity explain a little bit what you mean by that. I. I think that. It's hard I it seems to me it it hasn't been my experience because my trajectory in my life it's been quite different from. The unit the majority of people. The senate. My sense of identity. My sense of so on the right foot patrol. But but because deals struck with. My friends about my sense I NC my sense of self determination that the right word has so it didn't. Quite strong in my life. But I concede in other people's side in that they've they've given their lives and two reasons the is that. As a sort of at the end of that Japanese being sort of sidelines unit that took his but there oil getting what deficit. You've done a good shelf. But now it you'll kind of they forgotten about it if you like you'll buy it you'll forgotten about in the sense in the sense that he's being a as an individual. And individuals are death threats from. You'll children at all you know have. I think that's what I was talking about of of self determination. Of rediscovering your. Individuality. This couple they're traveling in this dated RV. And it's touching moments but it's also. I was surprised 'cause it it's very comedic at moments the home relationship between. The two would view you play Allah and Donald Sutherland Placer has been an and he's the one who who is suffering from some memory loss and you're kind of trying to help him. But there's a lot of very funny moments that I think would surprise people in this kind of a story. Yes that's what is thought that was true I mean I I had previously said I. Because you get older for some reason I did that why you keep getting sensitive about people with the height of. Who lives at the. You know that it's in public or other. And I think it's I do wonder anymore script about dying people sick people without Simon. He stop. And then of course this could drive it got them both of but it is out on the baton someone dying. So. But it was it's such gentlemen and as you say a comedic element in the capital was to upgrade it's it's not. Me. Office of the extreme. He's not a ball popped out current kind of comedy that says that Gypsy comedic. Element to it but I think life is always passed. You know nothing is sort of fun sometimes for the funeral. Or on the more. I doubt that. That combination. And the thing in this difficult situation to say but mom and it is dealt with me. Here's a clip from the trailer that gives people an idea of the special nature of this couple's relationship let's listen and. I take up to see Hemingway's house in Key West. Kids moved to come home and know that dad can't drive in his contention per hour. No home no come this Pennsylvania I think chickens are we doing them pennsylvanians. It's just homes and I'm really neat to receive. They sat there it's a little less work. He's kind of names and next we'll put it within these people and nephews and nieces now he students. Husband suffers from memory loss and I'm afraid he might just want to Ross yeah. I'll put I'll let. But you know on a motorcycle and enjoy bird dog's legs. I'm sure she struggled to unpredictably and yeah. Brazil and future. Is that really you don't you. John and I Jonas charming educated you stolen from me and I want you to given her restore from Jerusalem from the U2. What I really love to as the chemistry between you and Donald Sutherland and I don't think Q admiral worked together in quite awhile but you can tell. That you both have a fondness and their respect for each other that definitely bleeds over. Into the characters of John and Alan Spencer. Yes I mean you know I want to do with many many years ago we. And you know I was. Hakim in America at that time was great lie you which she still is a huge stalled but don't vote as it is polite. So. Let's examples you know with different obstacles he's Annapolis tools. And that and we I mean I invited me in between it is a complete. Actually. When we came to do so although we sort of let it. It was. It was a a fresh experience. And we couldn't sort of rediscovered each other in the way it. And at and for some reason I think because of my character who O'Donnell's character you know realize. We are quite different people but somehow these certificates to get patent and I. I could tell with an ultra week that this is canola and and you know we provide some help because we've sort of comfortable in the relationship. You just joining us your listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven I'm seat tab and we feel extremely fortunate this morning. To have dame Helen nearing with us to talk about her acting legacy and some of her current projects the Academy Award winning actress now stars in a new movie the leisure seeker it's in theaters this weekend let's get rid backtrack conversation. It. I'm at all in the character of Allah is Helen nearing. Like Allah and anyway she's a little bit rebellious. Sort of colors outside the lines things that people upset about you in the past. Was there any kind of a parallel there. And it actually I think. It is able gregarious and I am double output in check T. But I think there's optimism in that I. Responded to it in mind. I think I am I am definitely. Felt awful kind. I think the best of people injured twelve. People. So. I yes I do think there's something between me and I think that's partly why. Well I was drawn to things you know I thought oh yeah. I'll be comfortable in the. I have to mention this year one of the few actors you've retreat achieved what they called the Triple Crown at acting which I just learned what daddy begins at an Oscar a Tony an an Olivier award. You've maintained a really high level of success over so many years and I wanna know what do you attribute that to PJ just as relevant. In Hollywood today as you work. You know thirty years ago and that's happened for everybody. I didn't know who I mean I think being that mine. I think I tried it professional like be like to be. He's a range of one to the peninsula it. I tried to. I certainly. Because and that's iMac Twitter. I respect Eric and I've tried to. Get myself into position I think it important all the I would try to put my. Convention in my hand. Com imagination. What I'm getting I would go with spiteful. It has element that I think unnecessary. But in general I kind I believe. It. What I do with it on stage so television is in our collaborative. And I I'm innocent people. And make it in the I didn't let. And I think just generally being a mind to it and I'm kind of up for and I think it can. Sitting on the jet ski. A but the thing about you I mean yeah. On the one hand you are so are you a police are so elegant and class yet and that's the thing people always sort of hang on to a few. But yet not in no way that you can tell like I would love to sit and have a vast align with you in just laugh you noting mean you have got real missed an authenticity about you. That is in an off standoffish despite your success in and and all of that so. It's just not an easy balance I would imagine in your industry to strike. But you know I had it I had a the line and it felt like it quote this sort of thing cream chocolate. And she's telling them that Ingraham. And she's a month way. Honestly it's what shall hateful. You know keep talking it out there being a member of the a bit but I've I took as well it it. That in the end it really. It from the sunlight that balloting might be it must be here. On the way and to be sort of view from. I thought he and I thought I can't tell it it can opt. In and I think something you shouldn't. I I try to in the I tried to all of the world. You'd just tuning your listening to exceptional with an eye on magic when a six point seven I'm suits have been we have a special treat today we are talking with the one it only Helen nearing his career spans decades and who is one of the few. Actors who has achieved the Triple Crown of acting an Oscar. Tony and an Olivier award she's back added again with a new movie she stars in alongside Donald Sutherland. Called the leisure seeker Kellan joins us to talk about the story line about her career. And even what's next for the highly acclaimed actor let's continue speaking of the royal family you you were given the title of dame back in I think it was 2003. Have been an incredible honor for you. Look at all you know I'm an immigrant on the tote him. Over for me. Kind. Me escape if you hide it away from the residence. Is it. And I think when you what you have right now. With the understanding that you'll I mean I'd call my mom of the papers but it. If you caught up with these condescending and you. A bit of that this attack in. Those sorts of amendment was new country because when. When you Clinton and Obama in Britain it at all. Like being welcomed into the process company is something to do with that. Country. Giving news. Recognizing your contribution. To your country and I would say at this point. Very sad that they. And they release says that places you go out they probably took it and it sent element and that any compete in the and the thing about the on the system in Britain. It is to teach. Charity work. I pray that these guys to all kinds of people. That's a pretty important distinction yeah. Yet so. You know it's that it's so wonderful it is really great. And I was favorite it. So wanna go back a little bit to the movie so your new movie deleted seeker comes out this weekend and in the movie. We have a couple who's crossing off the bucket list item which is you know to travel. Two Hemingway's house. Is there something you still want to do what sort of things are on Helen Mirren bucket list. Many things. I know that delegate the end of I mean it might kick in the tropical. That. And I want to by the jet ski pick up. You had your chance talent you had your chance. I know what you know but above all. But I can be and knowing the people sitting on the beach because find it easy credit in Italy. On the I get up at what is most of it but he. Any role that you wanna play that you've never. That you never had a chance to play is there a dreamer all for you. No I. I you know an outcome of the vote that Christians as pretty as it might be. It's like to I'd imagine that highlights and captivate. Oh here we are. But it hit which are expected to whet that we not only that. In Lithuania. But a I don't I don't have that put an epic. I know right we're running out of time but I want to ask you one more question how would you want people to describe you as an actor I'm. Talk and as a person Seymour. Once stride or authenticity. In. Whatever. I can't say I did. Am I in I. Kind of forceful it would try to be. And you have such a legendary career I mean kudos to you it. Really effort for all that you've done your what your body work and just for you as a person where we're out of time but. So very honored to have the chance to chat with you today. The leisure seekers starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland comes out this weekend thank you Helen for spending some time with us today. Thank you to dame Helen nearing for being our guest on exceptional women on magic when a six point seven Academy Award winning actress was kind enough to spend some time with us today to chat about her legendary acting career into about her new movie the leisure seeker. We wish her continued success and hoped to catch up again very soon remember that exceptional women are everywhere we talk to celebrities and Oscars and CEOs. But we also talked to teens co workers and your neighbors work quietly making a difference. And promoting positive social change if you know something like that. Feel free email us. And then tune in to hear exceptional women every Sunday morning at 730 have a great day.