hot jobs

Monday, June 18th


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And here on out today. Consumer ire are going where or things like having a battle here about handling of the worst job. We've all had those jobs where you know you know you're not gonna do for the rest your life but if it's hot outside and you're like. We move freeing. Or where my Brothers you know work doing demo is contractor for a couple Summers. The cemetery job had to be the worst because the sun was relentless. Fewer. Like in a cemetery. Digging graves north Cambridge Catholic cemetery. Hollow course to do that most of the digging they had to do had to do some digging into Milan and landscaping and everything else on my god and us that when it's ninety degrees so was there. Ever anything any cover like borrower umbrella you'll want to know you're just like out there and I'm not really he was like eight hours. Only god of summer jobs through Summers in a row that's hard work that is hard work that I act I think mine talks yours and I worked in a tobacco field Negroponte western mass. And I know people think why. But there are risks to battlefields in west while there was just that time there wasn't a time there isn't any more but there was at the time and this site to the story of all let me you know all my friends what you did when you weren't nice when you were too young to have like a job at a store hours fourteen. It's you could work agriculture and believe me agricultural minimum wage was. Are ridiculously. Low brands euphemism for tobacco picking you know agriculture yeah I never again stole our thanks very much as fourteen to Wear long pants and and and closed toe shoes like sneakers. And I worked in the bar and the guys who picked the leaves out in the fields under the naps and we'd be in the bar and it's what they called sowing the leaves like sticking them in this. Like peace flats and then they go up on the roof of the barn to dry here so for eight hours a day whatever degrees was outside it was ten degrees hotter in the barn and you work. In long pants since like good Dan company. To back up her act and and you were there for eight averaged doing like manual labor my dad is like I want you to see if you don't get an education and what you would write you know what Manuel feels like. Which was a wonderful lesson but let me tell you something you would be so. Dripping wet through your money's thank. Right nothing can vote of something that was earlier unimaginable event machines that I school. Only one now they get the oh my you brought a thermos. And you are happy to have that and that was it they inhabit the teeth services they have to nail it the swells and all that like. It was pretty much warm in an hour themselves that it and that's okay magic one to 6 months of good morning. Good I'm yeah. I'm even given that I don't like everybody puts it in the and then caught it's going to be yeah on the kitchen on the pigeon or an hour work it's already ninety degree. No she. Are you a cook. I only. I got to go to breakfast place large flakes or fine dining restaurant or somewhere in the middle what. It sparked the plug in that yeah but I'm ready yet and by the authority ninety. Not only got so is there no air conditioning or is it even with the air conditioning the heat of the Evans and stuff just overtakes it. In no way and it and it hit him. But operating and you wanna know what doesn't work but he got the brunt I think it helps. Whose idea I was just thinking out loud and her life is at its. The police pulled listen place. I've got referendum. Ends what's your name Brenda. And Renee state cool sitting home to hydrate hydrate hydrate. Oh I think now nine and you know you didn't think about what happened illiquid and it never go to that are. Yes you I don't know I mean. I corn beef hash is going and I thank you have a great day game.